Last week we looked at the Pokémon "bubble" of late 2020 and whether prices are going to return to their pre-Logan Paul levels (TL;DR: no). But today we're back to our regularly scheduled look at the top-selling Pokémon cards from the past seven days.

Battle Styles has been out for just under a month, but you wouldn't know it looking at our bestsellers list. Nine of our 10 cards fall into one of three categories:

  1. A Shining Fates reprint of a competitive staple.
  2. A competitive staple from Rebel Clash.
  3. A cheap Pokémon that might be collectible someday.

There just isn't nearly as much demand for Battle Styles singles. Even if this were a Top 20 list, you'd have to scroll to the bottom to find product-hover id="234267" and product-hover id="234268", the most competitive cards from the set. product-hover id="234060" may be $130, but it's holding that price based on a miniscule number of transactions.

So let's look at what most players actually want these days:

#10: Eldegoss V SWSH084

A Shining Fates reprint of a competitive staple.

Eldegoss V (swshp-SWSH084) shows up as a one-of in Standard decks that really want a fifth copy of Boss's Orders (Giovanni) (swsh2-154). This version comes guaranteed in every product-hover id="228822", which at a market price of $45.03 is a better deal than buying those six product-hover id="232636" individually.

#9: Boss's Orders (Deck Exclusive)

A competitive staple from Rebel Clash.

Okay, technically the version that's selling this well is the Deck Exclusive that came in product-hover id="230394", but still.

#8: Kyogre (SHF 021)

A cheap Pokémon that might be collectible someday.

Look at this price history graph.

Like the other Amazing Rare Pokémon, Kyogre (swsh45-21) loses value every week. But despite (or because of?) its price free falling, demand remains strong. The average quantity per buyer fluctuates between two and five each day, which is higher than I'd expect if people were buying it to complete their Shining Fates collections, but lower than I'd expect if the demand was all coming from resellers.

Frankly, it's baffling. I'm baffled. My best guess is that the longer it drops, the more people figure "it can only go up from here." That would explain why the most sizable spike in demand this week came when the card hit its lowest price so far at $4.80 a copy.

#7: Scoop Up Net (RCL 165)

A competitive staple from Rebel Clash.

There are plenty of reasons to bounce your own Pokémon back to your hand, from pulling back a damaged Snorlax (swsh4-131) before it can be knocked out, to getting another use out of Galarian Zigzagoon (swsh1-117).

#6: Crobat V (SHF 044)

A Shining Fates reprint of a competitive staple.

This is Pokémon, not Uno. Everyone wants to draw more cards.

That said, this particular Crobat V made our Top 10 because it was the target of a buyout on Wednesday.

The average quantity per buyer went from 1.7 on Tuesday to 7.1 on Wednesday. Crobat V strikes me as a worthwhile target for speculation—it shows up in nearly every competitive deck in both Standard and Extended, and demand for it has never flagged significantly. Since it was just reprinted in Shining Fates, it could be a while before The Pokémon Company International reprints it again, and if you've got the market cornered in the meantime, every would-be competitive player will have to go through you.

#5: Dedenne-GX 195a 214

Like I said earlier, everyone wants to draw more cards.

#4: Capture Energy (RCL 171)

A competitive staple from Rebel Clash.

In the two weeks since we last looked at Capture Energy (swsh2-171), its price has continued to climb.

Rise in demand, rise in price. Makes sense. Capture Energy doesn't belong in every deck like Crobat V (swsh3-104), but it is very welcome in the decks that can afford to spend a turn attaching one colorless energy. I'm still not sure exactly why demand started rising in March, but it looks organic.

#3: Crobat V SWSH098

A Shining Fates reprint of a competitive staple.

This version of Crobat V from a Shining Fates Premium Collection was also bought out on Wednesday.

An average quantity per buyer of 3.5 on Tuesday, but 15.6 on Wednesday. That's a big jump. But for some reason, these resellers didn't buy out Crobat V (swsh3-104) from Darkness Ablaze.

As I write this, that's currently the most plentiful version on the Marketplace, with 194 listings. I'm not endorsing market manipulation, but if I were, I'd advise these folks to finish the job and nab as many copies of the Darkness Ablaze version as they can.

#2: Eevee VMAX SWSH087

A cheap Pokémon that might be collectible someday.

One of these cuties comes in every product-hover id="228821", so there are plenty of them out in the world.

The boost in demand on April 8th doesn't look super organic, at an average number of copies per buyer of 6.6. The price has fallen since then, so if that was a move by investors, they'll need to be patient.

#1: Boss's Orders (SHF 058)

A Shining Fates reprint of a competitive staple.

Everyone needs it, so everyone buys it. Simple as that.