The weather is improving, vaccines are being administered, and more buyers are picking up cards in the hope that they'll get to play them in their local game stores. Higher demand means higher prices, and this week a bunch of uncommon trainer cards broke through the $1 price threshold that qualifies them to appear on this list.

#10: Capture Energy (RCL 171)

Energy that draws you cards! It's been a slow but steady climb for Capture Energy, which was just $0.30 cents when it debuted in Rebel Clash last year. Now it appears as a four-of in Extended lists, so unless it gets reprinted, you can expect it to keep on climbing.

#9: Reshiram (SHF 017)

Like the other Amazing Rare Pokémon from Shining Fates, Reshiram has lost value every week since it released. But that just means it's an easier impulse buy for fans of Legendary Pokémon and tie-dye colors.

#8: Pokémon Communication (TEU 152)

Here's a generically powerful item card that can go in virtually any deck. Why haven't we seen it in the Top 10 before now?

Well, before now, it was selling for less than $1 and wasn't eligible for this list. Over the last six months however, it has slowly crept up in value, and has finally spent the majority of a week peeking over that $1 threshold. That's partly because demand is picking up for competitive staples across the board, but it also helps that Pokémon Communication is universally useful and hasn't been reprinted since Sun & Moon—Team Up two years ago.

If you're searching for copies and really want to pinch pennies, the Pokémon Communication (bw1-99) of Pokémon Communication is about $0.50 cheaper.

#7: Rapid Strike Urshifu V (BST 087)

Rapid Strike Urshifu V does exactly one thing: evolve into Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX (swsh5-88). That's good enough for our #7 spot.

Since last week, the community consensus on Rapid Strike vs. Single Strike has flipped, and now Rapid Strike is the more popular of the two new archetypes from Battle Styles. Mew (smp-SM215) is still a problem, but the deck is powerful and consistent, and players love any chance to deal damage to Pokémon outside of the Active Spot.

#6: Boss's Orders (RCL 154)

Why would players buy this version of Boss's Orders when Boss's Orders (swsh45-58) is less than half its price? Maybe there aren't enough copies of the Shining Fates version on the market, or maybe people prefer a Team Leader with more manageable hair.

#5: Eevee VMAX SWSH087

Shining Fates isn't the most recent Pokémon set anymore, but its product-hover id="228821" remain the second most popular Pokémon product on the marketplace. Everyone who buys one gets one of these giant fluffs to love and cherish—or, to flip for a quick buck.

#4: Dedenne-GX 195a 214

Nothing special happened this week for Dedenne. It still shows up in every Standard deck, so it still commands moderate demand every day.

#3: Crobat V (SHF 044)

Every week since Crobat V was reprinted in Shining Fates, I've looked at this graph and thought, "there's no way this can go on indefinitely."

There's no way demand can stay that high while the price remains at historic lows, week after week. Either demand will start to dry up once everyone has all the copies they need, or the price will rise to reflect Crobat V's prominence in Standard.

Well, it's another week, and neither of the numbers are budging. Buy it now, buy it next week, it probably doesn't matter. It'll still be about $6.50.

#2: Scoop Up Net (RCL 165)

Like Pokémon Communication, Scoop Up Net is normally excluded from these lists for being too inexpensive. But on March 11th, a handful of shoppers picked up a truckload of copies at nearly 25% of the market price.

Yeah, that's only a savings of $0.75 per card, but over enough cards that adds up.

I can't call this a buyout—more likely, someone underpriced themselves, and savvy resellers jumped on the chance to capitalize on the mistake. Regardless, Scoop Up Net rebounded and has started spending more time above $1 since fewer copies are available.

#1: Boss's Orders (SHF 058)

The card so nice it Top 10'd twice. This reprint from Shining Fates was over $1 for most of the past week, joining its buddy to issue orders as a four-of in every Standard deck.

...I know Lysander is trying to look intimidating, but his hair makes his whole head look like a giant flower. I keep expecting a bee to land on his face and forage for pollen.