Most buyers were spending their Pokémon allowance this week on preordering Shining Fates Elite Trainer Boxes. As a result, our top 10 list is mostly a collection of greatest hits from previous weeks. Still, there are a couple big stories, including an old buyout that is paying off and a new one that's making headlines across the internet.

Let's start at the top.

#10: Meowth V SWSH004

This is specifically the promo version of Meowth V that comes in the Meowth VMAX Special Collection, which was released over a year ago in January 2020. It makes sense that players who bought that special collection for the value went and sold their Meowth cards afterward. What I can't figure out is why people are buying them now. Meowth V has hovered between $1 and $2 since December, but this flurry of sales began in January.

Like last week, my best guess is that speculators feel the card has hit its floor and can only go up from here. Best of luck to them, but if they were hoping for a quick buck, they're bound to be disappointed. Meowth V still hasn't risen above $2 this year.

#9: Zacian V (SSH 138)

This good, good boi has top billing in Sword and Shield, and this card appears in two of Standard's top decks. Despite this pedigree, Zacian V has been under $5 since mid-November, its price driven down by the astonishingly competitive Zacian V League Battle Deck.

But this week investors seized the opportunity to pick up as many copies of Zacian V as possible. It's hard to imagine a pup this powerful will remain so inexpensive forever. If nothing else, it's bound to pick up nostalgia points among kids whose first Pokémon game was Sword and Shield.

#8: Charizard V SWSH050

As the guaranteed promo from the popular Champion's Path Elite Trainer Box, Charizard V SWSH050 has been on our top 10 list for weeks. If all you want is a pretty Charizard, why spend over $60 for a hard-to-find box when you can pick up your dragon for $10?

#7: Mew (Wizards Black Star Promos 8)

The great Mew buyout continues. In the first week of the year, this classic Mew card from 2000 shot to the #2 slot of our top 10 list, thanks to a handful of diligent speculators. All their work is starting to pay off, because this card has slowly crept up in price to over $3 from under $1 at this time last year.

#6: Charizard-GX SM211

Charizard #2 on our list comes from the Hidden Fates Charizard-GX Tin released in September 2019. This appears to be an example of a buyout working successfully. At the end of March last year, two buyers picked up as many copies of this promo as they could, at an average price of $3.32 per card. (The big vertical green line in the chart below.) Ever since, the card's price has slowly trended upward, and is now hovering north of $6.

The people buying it now are either collectors trying to complete a set or other speculators who are catching on late. Either way, they're buying less than two copies each on average, so they're buying to keep, not to resell. The bet our mysterious buyers made at the start of the pandemic is paying off.

#5: Pikachu

I'll let Zach explain this one.

#4: Meowth VMAX SWSH005

Just like Meowth V, this came in the Meowth VMAX Special Collection, and I have no idea who's buying it. They're persistent, though. This is the second week Meowth VMAX has appeared on our list, and it keeps moving higher.

#3: Dedenne-GX (UNB 195a)

Dedenne-GX and Crobat V (swsh3-104) show up in most competitive Standard decks as a way to get more cards without using your one supporter per turn. Unlike Crobat V, though, Dedenne-GX isn't getting reprinted in Shining Fates next week, so you can't count on its price dropping. If you need it, grab it now.

#2: Charizard (VIV 025)

Charizard #3. Leon's Charizard comes in a Vivid Voltage Theme Deck, which is so absurdly popular its market price is $25.40, more than double its MSRP. The deck only comes with two copies of Charizard, though, so if you want the other two, you need to buy them separately.

Hence, it's our #2 bestseller.

#1: Boss's Orders

If you play Standard, you play four Boss's Orders. That's it.