It's been three weeks since Shining Fates released, and the market has fully adjusted to the new normal. Here's what that looks like:

#10: Pikachu (McDonald's 25th Anniversary)

The 25th anniversary McDonald's cards are still selling well—product-hover id="232748" are our #3 Pokémon product overall—but only Pikachu cracked the Top 10 this week. Holofoil copies are keeping steady right around $40 each, while non-foils are bouncing around $3, with a slight upward trend.

The set as a whole has been pretty volatile, so whether you're into the McDonald's cards for financial or nostalgic reasons, Pikachu is your 'mon.

#9: Kyogre (SHF 021)

Last week Yveltal (swsh45-46) was the only Amazing Rare from Shining Fates on our list, but this week it has company. While Kyogre's price has slid down steadily since its initial release, that drop has only made it easier for fans of Generation III to pick it up. There's no other motive to buy this, as far as I can tell—a lot of people just like a fancy-looking Kyogre.

#8: Crushing Hammer (SSH 159)

Crushing Hammer is a crucial trainer card in a handful of top-tier Standard decks, including Eternatus and PikaRom. Usually it doesn't make the Top 10 list because we exclude cards with an average sale price under $1—that's how we keep basic energy cards from making up 50% of the list every week. But Crushing Hammer has been rising in price the last few weeks, thanks to not being reprinted in Battle Styles.

#7: Boltund V SWSH085

Collectors are selling this version of Boltund V because it comes for free in product-hover id="228823" that offers six booster packs for under $60. Players in turn are buying it because Boltund V is a crucial piece of energy acceleration in PikaRom, one of the best decks in Standard.

Good boy, Boltund. You're making a lot of trainers happy.

#6: Yveltal (SHF 046)

Like Kyogre (swsh45-21), Yveltal has only lost value since it was first released, but that's good news for fans of the big, beautiful bird of death. This is a great investment if you like Pokémon shaped like the letter Y, and a terrible one otherwise.

#5: Capture Energy (RCL 171)

Shining Fates was mostly a reprint set, but it did give us a few new cards, including Crobat VMAX (swsh45-45). Stealth Poison lets Crobat VMAX poison your opponent's Pokémon without taking any damage itself. When paired with Altaria (swsh35-49), which is immune to damage from Pokémon V and Pokémon-GX, you can set up a lock that some top-tier decks have a very hard time escaping.

The deck isn't hyper competitive, but it is new, and who doesn't love a good combo that stops your opponent from playing the game? Capture Energy plays a crucial role in the deck, helping you find whichever Basic you need to evolve up to your two combo pieces.

#4: Pikachu V SWSH061

"Four Shining Fates packs and a Pikachu V promo are yours for just $40 when you buy product-hover id="228825"!"

Did that pitch work on you? Because it worked on a bunch of other players, and now they're selling their promo cards.

#3: Dedenne-GX 195a 214

Last week a few clever clogs bought as many copies of this card as they could, probably hoping to corner the market and raise its price. How'd that work out?

Huh. Well, the price dropped anyway, but then it rebounded, finishing Wednesday a tiny bit lower than where it was on the 2nd. Non-speculative demand has picked up a little, though, so at least our March 2nd buyers were right on that front. Demand may continue to rise as in-person Standard play becomes safe in more parts of the United States.

#2: Crobat V (SHF 044)

Crobat V's dramatic price drop (due to being reprinted in Shining Fates) continues to drive demand. Plus of course, if you're interested in trying out the Crobat VMAX (swsh45-45) lock deck, you need Crobat V to evolve into it.

#1: Eevee VMAX SWSH087

The product-hover id="228821" is still a hot ticket, and Eevee VMAX is the collectible ticket stub that people are selling to other concert-goers to subsidize their monthly entertainment budget.

...That metaphor got away from me.