2020 was an amazing year for the Pokémon TCG! As Logan Paul's box opening videos brought tons of new eyes to the collecting scene, people all over the world started hunting for Booster Packs at their local stores hoping to share in the excitement of opening expensive chase cards. In a year filled to the brim with catching-them-all, only ten cards can be called the absolute best-selling Pokémon cards of 2020, so let's count them down!

#10: Espeon & Deoxys-GX

Espeon & Deoxys-GX (smp-SM240)

Espeon & Deoxys GX was able to make some waves in fall of 2019 when it came out in Unified Minds, but Tag Team Powers Collection box introduced more availability of the card and beautiful new artwork in an awesome collection box. While the popularity of the Tag Team GX card has fallen over time due to the new Pokémon V cards found in more recent sets, Pokémon GX will always be a stand out moment for the Pokémon TCG worth remembering and collecting.

#9: Dedenne-GX

Don't be fooled by this shockingly cute Pokémon, it has been an absolute monster in the TCG! Its ability to cycle your hand back up to six cards has made it a staple in nearly any deck hoping to play the game. The Alternate Art promo version of this card came in the product-hover id="214360" which has become one of the best products for players just starting out. Even when the Standard format rotates sets and Dedenne-GX is no longer playable, it is certain to find a place in the Expanded format and will continue to be a powerhouse card.

#8: Sableye V

Sableye V was poised to do amazing things in the first Sword and Shield set, but failed to make any big impacts beyond rogue decks. While doing 60 damage for each damage counter already on a Pokémon sounded amazing, Sableye V was unable to compete with the other heavy-hitters and is now relegated to binders.

#7: Marnie

Marnie was the best character in the Sword & Shield games and she is well represented with a stellar supporter card! Marnie forces you and your opponent to redraw hands, which is excellent for finding more gas or ruining your opponent's tutors. Even with additional printings to help drop her price, Marnie is still a must-have for players and collectors alike.

#6: Crobat V

Crobat V is another Pokémon that sees a ton of play in various decks because of the ability to draw up to six cards when it comes into play. Like product-hover id="216699", this card can be put into almost any deck to make use of its ability, so it has seen plenty of competitive success and will continue to do so once Dedenne-GX rotates out. Crobat V also received a Crobat V (swsh45-44) as part of a Shining Fates Collection, so there are even more ways to get the best bat!

#5: Zacian V

Zacian V has been a monster since it was first released in Sword & Shield Base set, and that likely won't be changing anytime soon. As one of the most powerful cards in the Sword & Shield era, this card has found its way into a few different decks that revolve around using Zacian V to win. Unless there is another reprint coming, expect to see Zacian V start to climb back up in price!

#4: Scoop Up Net

So many Pokémon have powerful effects when they come in to play, and Scoop Up Net lets you return them to hand and use their abilities for a second time! This card has seen plenty of use with cards like Jirachi (sm9-99) so that you can dig deep into your deck to find answers or to get your toolbox Pokémon out of the active spot so you can attack.

#3: Boss's Orders

Boss's Orders is guaranteed to be a staple of the TCG from release until it finally rotates out. Forcefully switching your opponent's toolbox Pokémon to the active slot so you can knock them out and take an easy prize is just too good. Now with the second printing, you can even choose which evil mastermind you want: Giovanni or Boss's Orders (swsh45-58)!

#2: Charizard V

Charizard will always be the absolute fan-favorite, and the Charizard V that came in the product-hover id="218791" was one of the most popular versions in a long time. Champion's Path released at the height of popularity following Logan Paul's unboxings, so the Elite Trainer Box was the hottest product to find for a few months. Charizard V has become so popular that only one card could top it for the best-selling card in all of 2020…

#1: Charizard-GX

Another Charizard! As one of the most popular Pokémon of all time, Charizard deserves both slots at the top of this list. One of the downsides of the new popularity of the Pokémon TCG was that older boosters became harder and harder to find, so cards from the Sun & Moon era have slowly crept up in price while maintaining their appeal to new and old collectors alike.

That completes our look at the best-selling Pokémon cards in 2020! Now that the Sword & Shield era is over a year old, we will be seeing less and less of the GX-era cards in the wild at big box stores or even local game stores, which makes them an even better item for collectors, while players will be looking for the newer sets to have access to playable cards. Time will tell if Pokémon V can finally have their day with Pokémon-GX no longer in Standard or if they will always be in the shadow of the GX era.