Vivid Voltage has been out for only a week and it is already causing major waves in the Pokémon Trading Card Game! The Standard format has finally started to shift from an Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX (sm12-156)-dominant scene to a mix of powerful archetypes. With new Pokémon V and VMAX, chase trainers, and Amazing Rares, there are plenty of cool cards to add to your collection.

Today, we're going to go over the top 10 bestselling cards from the first week, so let's get started!

#10: Togekiss VMAX

Starting off at the 10th slot is the cutest ball of joy in the game, Togekiss VMAX! As Pokémon V continue to gain popularity over their predecessors, Pokémon-GX, colorless Pokémon V can be added to any deck to give it an edge. Togekiss VMAX is a great example of a toolbox VMAX as its attack puts out decent damage while also searching up two cards from your deck and adding them to hand.

Cramorant V (swsh1-155) Beak Catch attack was playable before Vivid Voltage, so for the cost of one more colorless energy you can add on 120 damage! Decks already focused on Salamence VMAX (swsh3-144) will be more than happy to have another target for their Powerful Colorless Energy (swsh3-176)!

#9: Leon

The Galar Champion is the only trainer to make this list, and he definitely deserves it. When games go past the first few turns, having a way to inch out just a bit more damage is a game changer. As we saw with Boss's Orders (Giovanni) (swsh2-154), having an additional printing in the theme decks for the set hardly impacts the price of powerful supporters that can go in any deck. Some players have even found ways to push some attacks to one-hit knock-outs with the help from Leon. Plus, it even has incredible synergy with another card on this list!

#8: Celebi

What better word is there for the Amazing Pokémon than amazing? These cards are all about showcasing what makes legendary Pokémon so powerful with a beautiful foil color splash in the artwork and some of the most unique attacks in the game.

All of the Amazing Pokémon use three basic energy types for their attacks, but Celebi is even more special as it has these energy types split into two attacks: a Grass attack and a Lightning/Psychic attack. Energy Press is a great counter to Pokémon that stack lots of energy, and Amazing Bloom can power your board by letting you evolve each of your benched Pokemon with a card from your deck. Celebi may be small, but they pack quite a punch!

#7: Jirachi

Amazing Jirachi was definitely the most hyped Amazing Rare in the set before release. Their ability, Dream Revelation, lets you add one of the top two cards of your deck to hand, as long as Jirachi is in the active slot. Much like Jirachi (sm9-99), it is incredibly easy to make use of these abilities with cards like Bird Keeper (swsh3-159), Switch (sm7-147), and Scoop Up Net (swsh2-165) that can move Jirachi away from the active spot once you have activated the ability.

Their attack is nothing to scoff at either, as it can attach seven basic energy cards from the deck to your Pokemon in any way you like as long as you can pay the hefty cost. It's difficult to tell if this Jirachi will over take the previous version in playability, but time will tell which version makes it into the metal-based decks.

#6: Zamazenta

Zamazenta finally has its day of popularity instead of Zacian V (swsh1-138)! This version of the shield-pup is equipped with two attacks. The first one can grab energy from the discard pile and still do damage, while the second deals 180 damage and prevents all damage done to it by a VMAX Pokémon next turn.

Decidueye (swsh3-13) and Galarian Obstagoon (swsh1-119) have previously acted as a strong counter to decks running pure Pokémon V, and Zamazenta can work in a similar fashion to protect you from your opponent's VMAX Pokémon! As players continue to go all-in on Pokémon V, having a set of Amazing Zamazentas waiting in your binder is an excellent strategy.

#5: Rayquaza

While other Amazing Rare Pokémon offer something in terms of flexibility or strategy, this Rayquaza exchanges nuance for raw power! As a one-prize basic Pokémon, Rayquaza can sit on the bench while you power it up for an attack that can do 240 to 400 damage in a single attack, knocking out any other Pokémon in the game!

Despite its weakness of needing several types of basic energy attached to it, Rayquaza can be an incredible glass cannon that gives up very little in return. If you are able to take out an empowered Pokémon VMAX and take three prizes, giving up a single prize in return is definitely worth the price.

#4: Raikou

As the final Amazing Rare on this list, Amazing Raikou is the perfect card for anyone that loves to snipe Pokémon from the bench. Raikou's Amazing Shot deals 120 damage to the opponent's active Pokémon and another 120 damage to one Pokémon on their bench, letting you keep the pressure on their active Pokémon and taking out their support on the backline. As cards like Frosmoth (swsh1-64) are the backbone of several decks, taking out these supporters can end games faster than just taking out the frontline. If you were worried about playing against Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX (sm12-156) before, it is about to get a whole lot scarier.

#3: Coalossal V / Coalossal VMAX

These two cards share the number 3 slot as they were bought in the same amounts and you're very unlikely to see one without the other. Coalossal V and VMAX put the power into Powerhouse with impressive HP stats (that can be further boosted by Buff Padding) and strong attacks.

If you can accelerate into a Coalossal VMAX early in the game, its Erupting Shot can end matches with a potential 130 damage each turn and, with cards like Oranguru (swsh1-148) or Amazing Jirachi, that "potential" becomes guaranteed.

#2: Snorlax

The BEEG man himself is the second most-bought card in Vivid Voltage. For a price of less than two dollars, you can draw back up to seven cards in hand EVERY. TURN. Snorlax has an attack, but using it will mean that something terrible has happened. With 130 HP, Snorlax is happy to sit in the active slot for a few turns while you set up the perfect board.

#1: Charizard

Charizard is the best Pokémon of all time, and he is best friends with Leon. If you made it this far into this article, chances are high that you already bought four copies, and I don't need to tell you what makes him so cool.

That wraps up this week's Top 10 sellers for Vivid Voltage. Let me know what your favorite cards are from the set on Twitter at @TheZachkAttack! I'm sad to see that Orbeetle V and Orbeetle VMAX didn't make the list, but that must mean there are plenty more for me to pick up before everyone sees how good this bugman is!