Whether you're finishing off your Modern brew or grabbing cards for an upcoming Commander deck, this is the list for you! We'll be running down the ten best-selling MTG cards of the week, every week, looking at the data to see what MTG players are picking up.

10# Verdant Catacombs

Fetch lands are always a solid purchase due to their evergreen usage in most MTG formats. From Modern to Commander, these lands are desirable since they allow you to filter out your deck while grabbing the land you need to progress your game plan. 

Cards like Verdant Catacombs dropped into a more affordable range thanks to the release of Modern Horizons 2. As such, this gives an excellent opportunity to pick up these once-expensive cards more affordably, which extends the rest of the cycle – Marsh Flats, Arid Mesa, Misty Rainforest, and Scalding Tarn.

9# Bala Ged Recovery

One of the best double-faced cards to come from Zendikar Rising, Bala Ged Recovery is a green Commander staple. Regrowth effects are often popular in the format, since you want to replay your most powerful cards. Ture, it's one mana more than Regrowth, but having the flexibility of this coming in as a tapped green source is invaluable. Hitting your land drops in Commander is important, so having that insurance on the backside of Bala Ged Recovery is always welcome.

8# Tireless Provisioner

Taking inspiration from Shadow Over Innistrad's Tireless Tracker, Tireless Provisioner is quickly becoming a Commander staple for "land matters" and green-based archetypes in the singleton format. The ability to create a treasure or food token is extra powerful alongside doubling effects such as Doubling Season. Even without the powerful enchantment, this human scout can generate absurd amounts of value, allowing you to ramp into bigger threats or to stabilize your life total. 

Cards with landfall are highly sought after in Commander, since players tend to run a high amount of lands to get the most out of the ability. With that, cards such as Tireless Provisioner will always be in demand, given the emphasis on running lands in a Commander deck.

7# Consider

Often in MTG we see cantrips printed that change how decks function going forward. Expressive Iteration from Strixhaven: School of Mages is a great example of this — and then there is Consider from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. What makes Consider so good is that you can fuel your graveyard to cast powerful spells.

This is particularly true for Modern, where you have cards such as Murktide Regent which care about having instants and sorceries in the graveyard. Plus, Consider replaces itself if you choose to put a card in the graveyard. While it may not see huge amounts of play in Standard, the instant becomes more effective the older the format. 

6# Esper Sentinel

Modern Horizons 2 is brimming with powerful cards at various rarities that continue to shape Modern in a tremendous way. Esper Sentinel is one of many that contributes to the cause, specifically by giving Hammer archetypes a huge boost in the format. Discussing card draw in white is often a moot subject, but Esper Sentinel offers this in abundance — especially if you can equip the human soldier with a Colossus Hammer. Incidentally, you may see the card in Modern Humans, since it's so effectively costed for the aggressive strategy.

Extending this, Esper Sentinel is great for Commander because it grants you the potential to draw so many cards, given the number of opponents in a pod. Essentially, it is white's alternative to Rhystic Study. If you're looking to play white in Commander, running Esper Sentinel is an absolute must. 

5# Reckless Fireweaver

Given the emphasis on creating artifact tokens in Commander, cards such as Reckless Fireweaver are always in demand as a cheap and effective win condition. Since Dockside Extortionist is a staple of the format, you can deal incredible amounts of damage to each opponent by merely creating treasure, clue, or food tokens. 

Reckless Fireweaver is one of the most purchased of the week as it offers a strong win condition regardless of your budget for Commander. Pair it up with the planeswalker Saheeli Rai and you have a surefire way to victory.

4# Urza's Saga

Perhaps one of the more interesting cards to come from Modern Horizons 2, Urza's Saga quickly became a Modern staple since it can create tokens, find an artifact of mana value one or zero, and put that artifact into play. As such, it's changed how Modern approaches deckbuilding by incorporating a suite of cheap yet powerful artifacts to find off the last ability. Cards such as Shadowspear, Welding Jar, and Soul-Guide Lantern all see play alongside the saga enchantment land.

This saga also has its uses in Commander. It can find effective mana rocks such as Mana Crypt, Mana Vault, or Sol Ring from the last chapter, too. Since it can create tokens, the card is ideal in "artifact matters" Commander builds — just watch the tokens get out of hand if there are enough artifacts under your control! With that, Urza's Saga will remain powerful given more cheap and effective artifacts will see print in future sets. 

3# Dauthi Voidwalker

Adding to the impressive suite of cards from Modern Horizons 2, Dauthi Voidwalker is a solid answer from graveyard archetypes in Modern and Legacy. It's the last ability that makes Dauthi Voidwalker a dangerous card to have in play, you can play any card Dauthi Voidwalker exiled without paying its mana cost. 

Not only are you able to cast a card for free by using Dauthi Voidwalker's ability, the creature is also an unblockable threat! Dealing three power a turn is a respectable clock in Modern, given how life totals are aggressively reduced thanks to fetch and shock lands. 

2# Arcane Signet

One of the best mana rocks printed in the last few years, you can't have enough Arcane Signets for those Commander lists! Artifacts that generate the colors of your Commander's color identity are always desirable, especially those that are so generously costed.

1# Sol Ring

Unsurprisingly, Sol Ring is the single bestselling card of the week. A longtime staple of Commander, you can never have enough of the one-mana artifact for all of those Commander decks you plan to build but never actually do.

Fortunately, there are so many different versions of Sol Ring, you can complement a theme to your Commander deck, including the variant art coming in Commander Collection: Black this month.