While there's little going on in the world of MTG at present, it looks like players are picking up cards to finish off those Modern or Commander decks before Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty previews hit in a few weeks. Or perhaps they're just speculating on what's coming in the futuristic set to save money on existing cards down the line. Either way, let's run down the best-selling MTG cards from this week!

10# Misty Rainforest 

Fetch lands are always an excellent investment due to their application in most MTG formats. Featured in Legacy, Modern, and Commander, these cards are perfect for finding the specific land you need. They're some of the best lands ever printed in the game, so the demand will always remain high.

Like Verdant Catacombs last week, Misty Rainforest is another desirable card, since it can fetch for a green mana source (THE most popular color to play in Commander). Thanks to Modern Horizons 2, these cards are more accessible and affordable than before, which also extends to Marsh Flats, Arid Mesa, Verdant Catacombs, and Scalding Tarn.

9# Expressive Iteration

One of the most powerful uncommon cards to enter Modern last year, Expressive Iteration reshaped Modern before the release of Modern Horizons 2. Printed in Strixhaven: School of Mages, Expressive Iteration reinforced Izzet as one of the best color-pairings in Modern, and it's unlikely we'll see a cantrip this generously costed again anytime soon.

Expressive Iteration is the closest thing you will ever see to a "look at three cards and draw two of them" for two mana, and this is why it sees so much play in Standard, Modern, and Legacy at present. As such, you'll want to run the full playset to get the most value out of your other cards. 

8# Esper Sentinel 

Esper Sentinel was on the list last week, and it's continuing to sell well, thanks to its broad usage in Modern and Commander. Esper Sentinel offers card draw in a color that often struggles with it, and in a Commander pod, you can draw a bunch of cards if your opponents don't pay the costs. All in all, Esper Sentinel is a cheaply-costed artifact which can be found off an Urza's Saga if you want a surefire way to find the human soldier to progress your gameplan.

7# Dauthi Voidwalker

One of the best graveyard hosers in Modern, Dauthi Voidwalker is an unblockable threat that can generate incredible value throughout. It's the very last ability that makes Dauthi Voidwalker a threatening card to have in play — you can play any card Dauthi Voidwalker exiled without paying its mana cost. This includes some of the powerhouses in Modern such as Karn Liberated, Murktide Regent or even Primeval Titan. Playing your own MTG deck is one thing, but being able to play your opponents is an excellent way to win a game. 

6# Urza's Saga

Urza's Saga continues to generate demand, thanks to its versatility in Modern. From Modern Horizons 2, the saga enchantment land offers plenty for the breadth of Modern archetypes available. Because Urza's Saga is a colorless mana source, it's effortless to slide the card into strategies such as Jund, Affinity, Hammer, and Amulet Titan, to name a few. 

As such, you'll want to run an artifact package to complement the last ability on Urza's Saga. Cards such as Pithing Needle, Shadowspear, and Relic of Progenitus can provide you the tools to combat whatever strategy you are facing.

5# Haunted Ridge

Hailing from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow, this cycle of lands offers flexibility for Standard and Commander. Dubbed the "last lands", these cards make for an excellent placeholder on the Battlebond lands for Commander, since they're likely to come in untapped the moment you draw the card. Running both in the same Commander deck gives you a great chance of dual-color sources coming untapped, which makes these highly desirable for the singleton format. 

4# Arcane Signet

From the Throne of Eldraine Brawl series, you can't have enough Arcane Signets for those Commander decks, no matter how many of these you intend to actually build. Artifacts that generate the colors of your Commander's color identity will always be in demand, especially those that can be cast off a Sol Ring.

3# Sol Ring

Speaking of Sol Ring, it's been a Commander staple for as long as the format existed, and predictably remains one of the best-selling cards of the week. Like Arcane Signet, you can never have enough Sol Rings for Commander or that Cube you're intending to build.

2# Prosper Tome-Bound

Prosper Tome-Bound

Printed in the Dungeons & Dragons: Adventure in the Forgotten Realms, the headline Commander presents an interesting design space for the Rakdos color pairing. With a shift into "exile matters" as a Commander strategy, the tiefling warlock replaces cards played from exile as treasure tokens. This allows you to ramp into other threats, or to keep casting cards from exile to generate even more value. 

Given the ability to exile cards, there is an emphasis on randomness. You don't know what cards you are exiling, whether they're yours or your opponents! This brings a really interesting approach to Commander, and guarantees that every game will be a different experience. 

1# Kazandu Mammoth

Kazandu Mammoth, from Zendikar Rising, is secretly one of the best double-faced cards from the set. Generally speaking, the double-faced cards from Zendikar Rising have made a tremendous impact on Commander given these all come with a land on the backside. It allows you to make a choice depending on how the game is progressing, which in turn encourages a better MTG playing experience.

Landfall cards are often popular in Commander given the emphasis of hitting your land drops during a game. By hitting those land drops, you can generate value through making more mana, creating tokens, or powering up a creature to deal combat damage. Kazandu Mammoth is the aggressive option for green-based Standard and Commander decks, and can get out of hand if you are able to make multiple land drops in a turn. In Commander, that's an easy thing to do and with that, it's the best selling card of the week.