The 10 best-selling Magic cards are coming up, but first, indulge me as I regale you with a short RPTQ tournament report:

My sealed deck was good. I played four rares. Three of them—Ripjaw Raptor, The Immortal Sun, and Captain's Hook—were very good. The fourth one was Deeproot Elite. I still liked my chances, though. My blue/green merfolk-ish deck featured a pretty low-risk red splash (off two Highland Lake, a Traveler's Amulet, and an Evolving Wilds) for Lightning Strike, Unfriendly Fire, and Storm Fleet Sprinter. I felt fine about my deck.

Round One

Game One: I mulligan to five.

Game Two: My opponent casts Profane Procession.

Round Two

Game One: We both mulligan to six. On the draw, my opponent plays Dinosaur Hunter into Swaggering Corsair into Impale my Ripjaw Raptor.

Game Two: On turn five, I have a Spire Winder with mana up for a Dive Down against a Dinosaur Hunter and a 3/3 Swaggering Corsair. Next turn I will cast The Immortal Sun. I'm at 11 life. My opponent attacks with their Corsair and I don't block. They cast Buccaneer's Bravado and Sure Strike to kill me on the spot.

Glad that's off my chest. Time to get into the top ten best-sellers.

#10: Bomat Courier

Bomat Courier is in a lot of Standard decks. If you answered "yes" to the question "is an Ancestral Recall stapled to a Goblin Guide good?" congrats.

#9: Regal Caracal

#8: Irrigated Farmland

The Second Sun Control Challenger Deck comes with four Regal Caracal and four Irrigated Farmland. Thanks to the sudden explosion in supply, the price went down, and demand for the two cards subsequently went up.

#7: Opt

In a bizarre twist, Opt has seen more play in Modern than Standard, but it's on a downtick in both formats as of late. I have no clue why Opt's back in the top 10. Maybe the Dominaria reprint sparked some interest. Who knows?

#6: Unclaimed Territory

Now that Humans is definitively one of the best decks in Modern, Unclaimed Territory's getting a huge boost in sales.

#5: Field of Ruin

It's a stretch to say that Standard's dominated by the Ixalan block double-faced cards that transform into lands, but they can certainly take over a game when left unanswered. Field of Ruin's a nice card to have access to when those situations arise. Plus, it's still awesome in Modern, so there's that.

#4: Relentless Rats

Relentless Rats isn't the #1 seller anymore! CRAZY.

#3: Merfolk Branchwalker

Since Duskwatch Recruiter and Tireless Tracker, it feels like all the grindy card advantage stuff has found its way into green, oddly enough. That trend continues with Jadelight Ranger and its cheaper iteration, Merfolk Branchwalker. The explore mechanic is nowhere near as busted as the text on Tireless Tracker or Duskwatch Recruiter, but have you ever put a creature with eternalize or embalm into the graveyard off an explore trigger? Now that is living, my friends.

#2: Blossoming Defense

For an uncommon, Blossoming Defense was surprisingly pricey, but now that the Counter Surge Challenger deck's dropped a ton of Blossoming Defenses onto the market, players can finally pick up this combat trick on the cheap.

#1: Warkite Marauder

Warkite Marauder showed up in a lot of the blue/red God-Pharaoh's Gift decks that popped up at Grand Prix Seattle last weekend. This makes sense; with a Combat Celebrant-based win, getting to rebuy Warkite Marauder's attack trigger takes care of lots of blockers.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)