This week's Top 10 comes in on the heels of an 8% promo. Here's the thing about promos: they change buying habits. If people know they're getting something extra thrown their way, they'll spend more money and buy the cards they REALLY want. So sales stats during promos are extra juicy because buyers are less restrained than usual. Magic can be an expensive game, but savvy players take advantage of these opportunities to grow their collection. That said, if you want to stay on top of our future kickbacks make sure to subscribe to the TCGplayer Newsletter. Now let's get into the Top 10.

#10: Bolas's Citadel

Future Sight in black with a built-in Channel! Bolas's Citadel even lets you keep your secrets and maybe even force your opponent to make a mistake by bluffing with a misleading glance at your top card every now and then. This will definitely be a popular buy with Commander players. On the Standard front, players might be buying these up to try out in the tier 3 Aristocrats deck. Aristocrats plays lots of low cost creatures with life drain effects that trigger upon creature deaths. Bolas's Citadel allows you to chain creatures off the top of your library and then sac them to make your opponent lose 10 life and triggers all of the drain effects from your creatures which should be more than enough to kill your opponent.

#9: Blast Zone

Sticking around for another week in the Top 10, Blast Zone appears to be a big hit this set. This grants its owner uncounterable instant-speed removal against the planeswalker that has been running Standard for months: Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. An 11 mana one-for-one isn't perfect but against the slower Teferi, Hero of Dominaria decks you'll have time to feed it your extra mana, and when a control player is sitting with a fistful of countermagic and removal, Blast Zone can be just the answer you need to stay in the game. As an added bonus against those same control decks, Blast Zone can take out Search for Azcanta with relative ease. There is another card with some fun interactions with Blast Zone in the Top 10 that we'll get to in just a minute.

#8: Jace, Wielder of Mysteries

While Jace, Wielder of Mysteries is a bit more specialized than many previous iterations of Jace, it seems to be drawing a lot of interest from combo players. Both the static ability and the ultimate are win conditions that promote combo strategies. Leveler and Thought Lash are the big combo pieces that work with Jace, Wielder of Mysteries. In Modern there have been rumors of a possible mill deck surfacing that could use him too.

#7: Soul Diviner

Soul Diviner is a blue-black Zombie with a very cool ability. As a 2/3 it can attack and block as well as most Zombies. In a counter-heavy environment though Soul Diviner can build a lot of card advantage throughout a game, effectively granting your planeswalkers another -1 ability that can be activated at instant speed. If your opponent is swinging in at your Ashiok, Dream Render, Soul Diviner lets you pull a little bit of power out of Ashiok to draw a card before it goes to the graveyard. Alternatively you can activate Soul Diviner to remove a counter on Blast Zone, giving it the ability to destroy tokens or readjust the counters if you need to hit a converted mana cost below your current Charge counter count.

Standard is likely pushing most of these sales but Commander's influence can't be ignored either. Commander has thousands of cards that carry counters on them, but the first card that comes to mind to play alongside Soul Diviner is Glacial Chasm. With cumulative upkeep you are typically limited in how long you can utilize the card before you have to sacrifice it. With Soul Diviner those age counters get converted into card advantage while Glacial Chasm prevents all damage to you.

#6: The Eldest Reborn

This card has been around in Standard for a while and with the number of Planeswalkers in this set the allure of Planeswalker removal with a Reanimate ability tacked on is pretty strong. War of the Spark Standard looks to be very midrange focused and The Eldest Reborn is very strong in that kind of game.

#5: Huatli, the Sun's Heart

Uncommon planeswalkers in War of the Spark have been more popular than Mythics, and Huatli, the Sun's Heart is the newest one to breach the Top 10. This is a worthy add into any Doran, the Siege Tower or Arcades, the Strategist Commander deck. In Standard this could find a place in the untiered defenders deck, but since it doesn't give creatures with defender the ability to attack, Huatli, the Sun's Heart comes up a bit short compared to Arcades, the Strategist or High Alert.

#4: Charnel Troll

Charnel Troll has clawed its way back into the Top 10 after having been knocked down by the recent rush of preorders. Its low mana cost, high power and toughness, and trample make it a great planeswalker killer. Playing this the turn before or the same turn your opponent plays their planeswalker allows you to take out their planeswalker before they get too many opportunities to activate its abilities.

#3: Command the Dreadhorde

Command the Dreadhorde is the mother of all reanimation spells in Commander. With a life pool twice as large as in 60-card formats this card gains a lot more reach. Gaining 20 converted mana cost of permanents for six mana and still having half your life remaining is game-winning. There may be a cool combo in Standard with this, but for now I'm seeing Commander's fingerprints all over the sales on this one.

#2: Nissa, who Shakes the World

Any card that doubles mana is going to be sought after, and Nissa, Who Shakes the World hits that mark and keeps on going. Nissa's static ability adds an extra green mana whenever you tap a forest, and her +1 untaps a land, turns it into a 3/3 creature, and gives it vigilance. If you are playing Breeding Pool you can even attack with the 3/3 vigilant land while keeping countermagic open. Nissa's abilities are begging for a game-winning mana sink. Finale of Devastation might be just the thing. 12 mana is no problem when you've got Nissa, Who Shakes the World on the battlefield. Grabbing a big creature with trample and buffing it, and all your land creatures by +10/+10 should be enough to close out a game pretty quick.

#1: Ashiok, Dream Render

Last week's #3 slot has moved up the ranks to become our #1 seller. I talked a bit about what Ashiok, Dream Render could do in Modern and Commander to stop search effects, but since then, I've read your comments and one of you made an excellent point about Ashiok's value in Standard. The new Gods in War of the Spark are difficult to get rid of. If they are destroyed or exiled from the battlefield they get placed third from the top in your opponent's library, ready to be cast again for more value. Ashiok, Dream Render puts a stop to this with their -1 ability. Milling the top four and then exiling the graveyard makes sure that those gods stay out of the game for good and if you're lucky you can even exile one off the top before your opponent gets a chance to cast it. Standard players have also had their eyes on Ashiok due to their ability to shut off Search for Azcanta. Exiling your opponent's graveyard keeps Azcanta locked down and the cherry on top is that Ashiok can fuel your own Azcanta while shutting your opponents off by targeting your library for the mill and then exiling your opponent's graveyard.

And that's it for this week's Top 10. This new planeswalker-heavy Standard format is just starting, and I think there may be some underrated cards that will rise to the surface once the format gets underway. I made sure to grab a big stack of Tibalts, just in case.