#13: Abrade

#12: Gifted Aetherborn

#11: Initiate's Companion

#10: Desert of the Glorified

#9: Island

#8: Forest

#7: Mountain

#6: Swamp

#5: Firebrand Archer

#4: Conjurer's Bauble

#3: Hollow One

#2: Desert of the Fervent

#1: Shrine of Burning Rage

Video Transcript

Good morning, good afternoon, or good night, wherever you happen to be. I'm Jon Corpora, and we're hitting you with the best-selling cards of the past week. Let's roll.

Today, we're kicking things off with Abrade. The dominant Temur Energy list from the Grand Prix relies on Skysovereign, Consul's Flagship to win creature matchups, making them especially susceptible to Abrade.

Pro Tour Hall-of-Famer Patrick Chapin got an early feature match during Grand Prix Denver with an interesting take on Grixis Control featuring four maindeck copies of Gifted Aetherborn. For all the Nicol Bolas enthusiasts out there, it's a deck to keep an eye on.

It might be weird to see Initiate's Companion here, but it is a cat, and any cat with the power to untap a Pride Guardian or a Gaea's Cradle or some other such busted card is worth a second look.

Desert of the Glorified featured in an older mono-black Eldrazi deck as another land to sacrifice to Ifnir Deadlands that could be cycled in a pinch. If you're looking to get in more games with Eldrazi before they rotate, this deck is a good place to start.

Only four of the five full-art basics hit the Top 10 this week. There's something to take away from this. The missing land is Plains, so from there we can deduce that players aren't playing white as much as the other four colors, so if you run into a random opponent, they're less likely to be playing white than any other color. The more you know!

Firebrand Archer somehow made its way into the Top 10 this week. It's an interesting add in Pauper Burn decks, but hasn't quite caught in Standard yet. Judging by its spike in sales, that might be about to change.

Conjurer's Bauble is definitely the most confusing new card here. I have no clue what made it sell so much, but if anyone's got any ideas, I'm all ears because I'm stumped. The only deck I know of that plays Conjurer's Bauble is Eggs, so… yeah. Looking for a little help here!

Hollow One is still the toast of Modern, and Modern players are so used to shelling out big bucks for singles that its low price tag makes it a relative Bargain.

Like Desert of the Glorified, Desert of the Fervent sees some play in mono-red Eldrazi decks, and if you're willing to go back far enough, it even featured in some early Ramunap Red builds.

But our number-one seller this week is Shrine of Burning Rage! Burn won a Modern Grand Prix a couple weeks back, and the list eschewed Eidolon of the Great Revel for Shrine of Burning Rage, a card that still gives me nightmares from its time in Standard. In the finals, the burn player actually made his Shrine indestructible in the final game, which, obviously, he won. A lot of players saw that and decided Shrine of Burning Rage was for them.

That's it for the top 10 this week. If you enjoyed this, subscribe to our YouTube channel — we're coming at you with these recaps every week. See you next time!

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora