#14: Ahn-Crop Crasher

#13: Ifnir Deadlands

#12: Bomat Courier

#11: Earthshaker Khenra

#10: Mirage Mirror

#9: Plains

#8: Island

#7: Forest

#6: Ramunap Ruins

#5: Scavenger Grounds

#4: Swamp

#3: Mountain

#2: Abrade

#1: Hollow One

Video Transcript

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. I'm Jon Corpora, managing editor of magic.tcgplayer.com, and these are the best-selling cards of last weekend. Let's get right into it.

Ahn-Crop Crasher is a central player in the mono-red deck, negating huge blockers and sneaking in big damage.

After seeing how good Ramunap Ruins is in the red deck, Zombies players have adopted Ifnir Deadlands to good effect. Utility lands haven't been as good as Hour of Devastation's uncommon cycle of deserts in a long time, and it shows — these lands are getting a lot of traction in the short time Hour of Devastation's been legal.

Bomat Courier is a core piece of the mono-red deck; you can't play the deck without four copies of this card.

Same with Earthshaker Khenra. You might have noticed something about all the best red creatures — they all have haste! This gives the deck resiliency against sweepers, something mono-red decks don't often have. The current iteration of mono-red is a tough one to hate out.

Mirage Mirror will continue to sell well as an underpriced rare with a really high potential ceiling. As long as they stay cheap, expect to see people pick them up and sit on them till some crazy deck emerges. Hell, even if a Mirage Mirror deck never happens, it's still a fun card to mess around with at Friday Night Magic.

Ramunap Ruins, the red deck's namesake, is likely the best of the uncommon deserts. The ability to go "upstairs," as it were, and close out games puts the red deck over the top in terms of power.

With the rise of graveyard strategies, Scavenger Grounds goes a long way towards punishing those decks while not counting towards your spell count. Pretty deece.

All five full-art lands are safely in the top ten, and so they shall be until the end of time.

Speaking of which, Abrade's still in the top-tier of sellers. Now that players are leaning on Aethersphere Harvester to gain life back, Abrade got just a little bit better. And it was already awesome to begin with!

But this week, our number-one seller is Hollow One. Seen alongside Vengevine on camera last weekend, players started speccing on Hollow One, hoping that the Modern deck it was in is good. A dredge/zoo hybrid, it's unclear if the deck's good or not, but the fact remains that its showing on-camera propelled Hollow One to the number-one spot over the weekend.

And that's all she wrote. Come back Friday and see if Hollow One can hang on to the top spot.

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora