#14: Pride Sovereign

#13: Swamp

#12: Ramunap Ruins

#11: Authority of the Consuls

#10: Abrade

#9: Doomfall

#8: Forest

#7: Hostile Desert

#6: Set of Four Commander 2017 Decks


#5: Island

#4: Mountain

#3: Swamp

#2: Hollow One

#1: Spire of Industry

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. I'm Jon Corpora, managing editor of magic.tcgplayer.com, and these are the top-selling cards of the past week. Let's get on into it.

Pride Sovereign kicks off our list this week, and for good reason: one of the theme decks of Commander twenty seventeen is cats, and Pride Sovereign is exactly the kind of cat you want in your cat tribal deck.

Plain ol' Swamp - not even-full art - sold well this week because the natural predator of the mono-red red deck that's been on top of the Standard standings is none other than mono-black zombies, and those decks need a lot of Swamps.

Ramunap Ruins takes a tumble in the standings, but it's still an awesome card. Mono-red is down, but certainly not out.

A great way to beat a deck full of haste creatures is to force all those creatures to enter the battlefield tapped. That's where Authority of the Consuls comes in. Throw in the incremental life gain and you've got a card tailor-made to dunk on red decks.

In order to get an edge in creature mirror decks, players are starting to utilize Aethersphere Harvester and Skysovereign, Consul Flagship, so I find it odd that Abrade is slipping in sales. Expect a big bounceback for Abrade when the vehicle-heavy sideboard plans start getting more press.

Doomfall is becoming a big favorite in the black midrange decks. Turns out exiling creatures is a big deal.

Standard's pretty hostile to control now, but the diehards are trying to make it work, and they're finding success with Hostile Desert. It puts a hard clock on opponents and doesn't require a big mana investment, letting the control deck apply pressure and keep up countermagic simultaneously.

Everyone's snapping up the Commander 2017 decks, and for good reason — this product seems sweet.

Breaking news: players continue to like full-art lands. Who could've predicted that?

Hollow One continues to see lots of love thanks to its showing at the Syracuse Modern Open. Many players have been toying around with Hollow One as a result, making the card an attractive target for investors.

However, the number-one selling card this week is Spire of Industry. A relatively cheap card found in Mardu Vehicles and making a dent in Modern in artifact-based decks like Affinity and Lantern Control, Spire of Industry is another attractive spec target that is almost guaranteed to go up but should still move very easily.

And that's it for this week. If you liked what you saw, subscribe to our YouTube channel and tell us your thoughts. See you next week!

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