We're at the point in Guilds of Ravnica's lifecycle where players are actively looking to the next set's impact on Standard. Ultimate Masters muddies this a bit—without it we'd have nothing but Rat Colony and a pile of Standard-legal specs in the Top 10—but for as good as Guilds of Ravnica Standard was, the fact remains that players are looking to the future (why shouldn't they?), and this Top 10 is proof.

#10: Chamber Sentry

Dev of Strictly Better MTG fame did a video about the top ten Standard cards that improve when Ravnica Allegiance hits. You'll have to watch it to see what card was #1.


#9: Bounty of Might

Dunno why this thing's here, but it's a cool card! +9/+9 in one card is a big game.

#8: Hadana's Climb

TCGplayer doesn't list cards that haven't been officially released by Wizards as available for presale, but it's a safe assumption that the sudden interest in Hadana's Climb is due to last weekend's Simic Ascendancy leak.

Seems to (unsurprisingly) confirm +1/+1 counters being the Simic theme. Get your Hadana's Climbs now! Also an early favorite for Against the Odds! (mock up from @mtgsalvation https://t.co/YFHdzFRj5f). #MTGRNA pic.twitter.com/Msozj0LFG0

— Saffron Olive (@SaffronOlive) December 16, 2018

#7: Eternal Witness

As has been the case with literally every other Masters set before it, Ultimate Masters has sent card prices plummeting, making singles look like an even better value proposition than it already was. Wedge covered all the prices drops you'll ever need to know about:

#6: Foil

I first started playing Magic right after Prophecy was released and a foil Foil was the coolest thing you could get. Good to know not much has changed in ~20 years.

#5: Rat Colony

I'm sure seeing Rat Colony on this list week after week will become endearing at some point. This is not that week.

#4: Punishing Fire

LOL they're not unbanning Punishing Fire. Next.

#3: Hyena Umbra

Hyena Umbra has applications in both Pauper and Modern and its price just dropped by about 80%. Wheeeeee!

#2: Kodama's Reach

I have fond memories of casting many a Kodama's Reach in my JSS days, but these days, the original Cultivate is primarily a Commander staple.

#1: Faithless Looting

It took about six years for Faithless Looting to catch, but now that it has, it sure does seem like it should've been ubiquitous in Modern the entire time. It's really good!

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)