Guilds of Ravnica Standard's in a bit of a lull. You'll figure that out soon enough just by looking at the Top 10 sellers.

#10: Spirebluff Canal

Everyone just wants to Storm.

#9: Atzocan Seer

#8: Territorial Allosaurus

#7: Savage Stomp

#6: Commune with Dinosaurs

#5: Ranging Raptors

#4: Drover of the Mighty

#3: Grand Warlord Radha

That's an awful lot of dinosaur cards. I imagine players are hyped on Stomping Grounds re-entering Standard, making dinosaur tribal a lot more palatable. Stay tuned.

#2: Poison Tip Archer

I have no clue why this card's selling, but my hunch is that it's got something to do with the Orzhov mechanic, afterlife. If you want to play Abzan anyway, going deep on afterlife stuff isn't the worst call.

#1: Cinder Barrens

Sometimes you need another Blood Crypt, I suppose. I dunno. This week's countdown was weird. See you in 2019.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)