Ultimate Masters dropped Friday, so yeah. Let's just get right into the Top 10.

#10: Engineered Explosives

You're gonna see a couple of these this week, and by "these," I mean "cards whose price dropped by two thirds overnight." When a card that hit the $100 mark just this past summer drops to $30, it's going to have an impact on buyer behavior to say the least.

#9: Ultimate Masters Booster Box


Ultimate Masters boxes have been in or near the Top 10 since they were available for preorder. The takeaway from this is that tons of Ultimate Masters is getting opened. While $30 for an Engineered Explosives seems low, I don't think we've seen the floor for any of these cards yet.

#8: Demonic Tutor

Demonic Tutor feels like it should be on the Reserve List, but it's not. Nice.

#7: Tolarian Scholar

I'm assuming this has something to do with The Professor. I'm sure someone will hit me up on Twitter to fill my knowledge gaps in a kind, patient manner.

#6: Faithless Looting

Faithless Looting is very good in Modern, and now it's available to everyone. It does strike me as odd that Ultimate Masters booster boxes and an Ultimate Masters common are both in the top 10. Don't they know that if you get a Ultimate Masters box and shred it, you'll have (roughly) infinite Faithless Looting?

#5: Ancient Tomb

Ancient Tomb peaked at $60 around April. Now it's sitting at $20. This is why the YEE HAW THEY REPRINTED A HUNNID DOLLAR BILL YALL nonsense during Ultimate Masters preview season was ultimately worthless. It's not going to be that much forever, and considering just how much Ultimate Masters is going to hit the market over the next couple months, the ceiling on cards like this will stay low for a long time.

#4: Eternal Witness

Eternal Witness is a funny card. It debuted in Fifth Dawn and hasn't been printed in a Standard-legal set since. If you didn't know, Fifth Dawn is the last set in the original Mirrodin block, a block famous for, among other things, introducing affinity to the Magic lexicon and subsequently breaking Standard asunder. Eternal Witness is a messed-up card, but because Standard decks from that era were so focused on linear strategies, stuff like Eternal Witness didn't really screw things up that much. That's hilarious to me, because I'm pretty sure that if you just dropped Eternal Witness in any Standard since it was legal, the format would completely warp around it. The card's good.

#3: Noble Hierarch

Noble Hierarch was the epicenter of some nauseating Twitter fights last week. I do not recommend engaging that content. Noble Hierarch's a fine card—its price held at $80 for almost the entirety of 2018, and for the time being it's in the high $40s/low $50s point. It'll dip lower.

#2: Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing has been in the top 10 for the past three weeks. If you're not sure why, you're in luck! Craig Wescoe wrote all about its impact on Modern.

#1: Queen's Commission

I couldn't find a root source, but a Standard vampire deck's been making the rounds:

Chances are good that this deck gets a LOT better with Godless Shrine in the mix. Here's hoping.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)