It's been a minute since I've gotten to do one of these. Having Mondays off for the past two weeks really rocks the boat, but not to worry: the Top 10 sellers countdown is back.

But First, Some Housekeeping

The Unstable basics are technically Top 10 Sellers, but we're omitting them for the foreseeable future. I never had a problem including them on the list, filing them all as one card, and expanding the list to the top 14, but a vocal contingent of readers hated the prolonged presence of basic lands on the Top 10 SO DARN MUCH that we're just doing away with them altogether. We're ripping this band-aid off as a family.

Let's dive into a list of Magic cards.

#10: Opt

The succinct version of the story: Opt is going to sell very well for a very long time. It's good in Modern, and it sees some fringe (read: not in energy decks) play in Standard as well. It's also just a good card!

#9: Ripjaw Raptor

Thanks to Rivals of Ixalan and its focus on the tribes Ixalan established in the fall, a lot of heretofore-overlooked Ixalan cards are starting to sell in their wake. The promise of the tribal cards of Rivals of Ixalan has been enough to convince buyers that tribal strategies are finally worth going in on, and Ixalan cards are the beneficiaries. It's also worth noting that Pro Tour Hall-of-Famer Paul Rietzl could be seen wielding Ripjaw Raptors in Standard in the feature match area of last weekend's team Grand Prix in Santa Clara.

#8: Metallic Mimic

With all the recent Refocus on tribes, it's no small wonder that Metallic Mimic, a card that won Pro Tour Amonkhet in Gerry Thompson's Zombie deck, is seeing a spike in sales. Metallic Mimic is an ideal card in any tribal strategy; its malleability—it can become any creature type—means it slots into any tribal deck.

#7: Regisaur Alpha

The mystery of Regisaur Alpha's sales lies in one Rivals of Ixalan card: Ghalta, Primal Hunter. After a Regisaur Alpha, Ghalta, Primal Hunter costs 3GG, and if a 12/12 trampler for five wasn't good enough, Regisaur Alpha also gives it haste. That's gonna close games in a hurry.

#6: Unclaimed Territory

Starting to see a theme yet? Unclaimed Territory's been a strong seller since before Ixalan's release, so now that the sets tribes are acutally good, expect Unclaimed Territory to do what it's always done: sell out.

#5: Merfolk Branchwalker

Ignoring the fact that this thing is a merfolk for just a second... when did green become the card advantage color? Once Kaladesh and Amonkhet blocks rotate out of Standard, Merfolk Branchwalker and Jadelight Ranger are going to become the new Duskwatch Recruiter and Tireless Tracker. Book it.

#4: Kopala, Warden of Waves

Now that Merfolk has a proper lord and a legendary bulwark, the tribe is a lot more appealing. Kopala's spike is a result of renewed interest, but I'm not buying it. The card's really bad! I think Merfolk as a tribe has a lot of potential, but I'm also certain Kopala will be nowhere near it when and if it breaks out.

#3: Kumena's Speaker

Seth Manfield had an astute observation in his column last Friday, which makes sense because he is a cyborg sent From The Future to win at Magic. He registered some disappointment at the lack of aggressive one-drops Merfolk have access to in Rivals of Ixalan, noting that the lynchpin of any good aggressive decks is plenty of one-drops to choose from. Right now, Kumena's Speaker is the only one-drop Merfolk has to speak of. If Merfolk is to be a good deck, Kumena's Speaker is a lock to appear in the deck as a four-of.

#2: Izzet Staticaster

More and more modern sideboards need Izzet Staticaster. Usually the sales of cards like this are more evenly distributed over time, but with a handful of Modern events on the immediate horizon, Izzet Staticaster is proving easy to move.

#1: Resplendent Mentor

There's a combo with this and Famished Paladin, so Resplendent Mentor's been selling like crazy. Basically, you have both creatures in play, you tap the Paladin to gain a life, and then when you gain life, it untaps. That's the loop, and you can repeat it a bajillion times or until your opponent concedes, whichever happens first.

See you next week.

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora