Just got back from MagicFest New Jersey yesterday!

this pic of Grand Prix NJ top 8 is a spectacularly cursed image (from https://t.co/c23WEXpe4s ) pic.twitter.com/PfCUDTfSG7

— please don't get me fired (@KillGoldfish) January 28, 2019

I've already been asked by people who weren't there if this was an accurate portrayal of the tournament or if that picture was intentionally unflattering, snapped by a vindictive third party unhappy with WotC's continued "one step forward, five steps back" Organized Play policy.I regret to inform the uninitiated that not only is this how the whole damn tournament looked, but that this is not unique. This snapshot—a bunch of undressed tables in a cavernous concrete convention center—isn't even out of the ordinary. This is how the Top 8 of most GPs look. Sometimes the tables are near a backdrop, but yeah, seeing the convention center staff break down the Grand Prix stuff during the Top 8 playoff is pretty typical.

It's always been true that you need to really love Magic to play in a Grand Prix. If you're seeking fame through (tabletop, I suppose) Magic, you're better off placing your energy almost anywhere else. That's always been true. It's just more obvious now.

#10: Rhythm of the Wild

It seems like there's an active effort to behave as though everything before 2018 never happened. For a game with this much history, it's grotesque.

— Patrick Sullivan (@BasicMountain) January 28, 2019

#9: Wilderness Reclamation


— Jeff Cunningham (@WJC83) January 28, 2019

#8: Growth Spiral


My mother is disappointed by the reduction in GP coverage @wizards_magic

— Reid Duke (@ReidDuke) January 26, 2019

#7: Pteramander

Ummm who do we plead to about getting GP text coverage back? We've put so many thousands of hours into the Elo site; doesn't feel good to just suddenly lose access to the data. @CFBEvents? @wizards_magic?

— Rebecca Black (@ajolipa) January 27, 2019

#6: Plaza of Harmony

I think cutting back on video coverage for Grand Prix (or MagicFests or whatever) makes sense, since there's a lot more Magic being streamed in general with SCG, MTGArena, and the MPL, but not at least posting standings on the site and social media updates seems like a major loss

— Brian Kibler (@bmkibler) January 27, 2019

#5: Font of Agonies

PSA: everyone who works Coverage at an event is a freelance contractor - we work when and where we are asked to work, and love to bring you Coverage whenever we can just as much as you like to watch and read it.

— Richard Hagon (@MTGRich) January 27, 2019

#4: Gatebreaker Ram

Nothing has made me want to stop the grind more than the announcement re: lack of coverage at GPs. As someone whose primary goal has been the visibility of competitive women and enby players, shifting focus solely to the top 32 (all male) competitors is heartbreaking.

— Growth Campbell Guardian (@ctellecampbell) January 27, 2019

#3: Skewer the Critics

Obviously if wotc is saying there are only 4-5 paper tournaments worth watching, that's a disaster. I'm optimistic that's not going to be the case, guess we will find out soon?

— Paul Rietzl (@paulrietzl) January 28, 2019

#2: Light Up the Stage

The spotlight is on Magic with Arena performing so well. Removing resources from competitive Magic is literally the exact opposite of what should be happening right now.

— Wedge (@TheManaSource) January 27, 2019

#1: Persistent Petitioners

I've tried like 10 different builds of Persistent Petitioners and I don't think I've won a single game.

— Saffron Olive (@SaffronOlive) January 26, 2019

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