A quick note about last week's Top 10—those were the actual Top 10 sellers. I didn't put those cards in to reflect the narrative or anything; I wrote all that stuff about PPTQs beforehand and broke them up with best-sellers where it made sense. The fact that the cards were weird and kinda-sorta fit the narrative was a "fun" coincidence.

#10: Drowned Secrets

This is related to our #1 seller. I bet you already know what it is.

#9: Kodama's Reach

Kodama's Reach is still getting a bump in sales from Ultimate Masters and all the new copies in circulation. It's still mainly a Commander buy; the difference between Kodama's Reach and Cultivate—the Arcane subtype—is more cosmetic than anything else. However, if you're not a coward, you should play Kodama's Reach to splice things onto it.

#8: Shadowborn Apostle

I wonder what the actual demand for this card is. Shadowborn Apostle feels exactly like the kind of thing speculators will dump to each other back and forth in perpetuity while no one else cares.

#7: Drill Bit

Between Drill Bit and Spawn of Mayhem, I'm surprised there hasn't been a run on the one-drop dummies from Ixalan like Vicious Conquistador and Blight Keeper. I think a lot of the spectacle cards are good enough to mitigate the drawback of playing a pile of Eager Cadets.

#6: Loyal Unicorn

Card seems pretty darn good.

#5: Suncleanser

If adapt ends up being good, Suncleanser's gonna mess some people UP.

#4: Rix Maadi Reveler

I like this card! This is a pretty cool use of spectacle—instead of doing the same thing but cheaper, spectacle turns Rix Maadi Reveler into a split card that's slightly above replacement level on both halves.

#3: Skewer the Critics

Is the problem with Modern Burn that it doesn't have enough of a density of burn? I don't think it is. Maybe another one-mana burn spell (albeit one that's contingent on another burn spell or one of your creatures connecting) is better than I'm giving it credit for, but I'm skeptical.

#2: Glorious End

The Stifle end of Repudiate // Replicate stops you from losing the game with Glorious End. I don't think another Stifle in Modern makes this an archetypeˆhis is a bald-faced spec where the buy-in is low enough to get less scrupulous buyers to ignore the odds of a return on investment.

#1: Persistent Petitioners

People love mill and people love these cards that you can put any amount of in your deck. This is going to be the #1 seller every day in 2019. Enjoy!

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)