I was on vacation last week. It was nice. Thanks for asking. Onto the best-sellers.

#10: Sarkhan's Unsealing

Lost this game easily, but still pic.twitter.com/v1dgUXOEGZ

— jon corpora (@feb31st) July 9, 2018

#9: Rattlechains

We'll get to why this card's selling so well in a little bit.

#8: Drogskol Captain

Wait for it...

#7: Gigantosaurus

I made a video about how bad Mercadian Masques block is last week:

In the video, I briefly discuss Skyshroud Behemoth, a 10/10 for seven mana that is horrible. Gigantosaur is also a 10/10, but instead of a drawback, it instead has no text and only costs five mana. Magic has come quite a ways.

#6: Stitcher's Supplier

This card is bonkers, and I'm not just talking in Standard. Prediction: Sam Black is going to play Stitcher's Supplier at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary. In Legacy.

#5: Militia Bugler

This card is real good. It's already seeing play in Modern Humans; the capacity to dig toward a silver-bullet creature in post-board games while still adding to the board is huge.

#4: Supreme Phantom

With the printing of Supreme Phantom, spirits are getting a lot of attention. I don't think we'll see it much at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary, but it's a cute deck.

#3: Thorn Lieutenant

More on this momentarily.

#2: Vine Mare

Dungrove Elder was an obnoxious card. Hexproof is oft-maligned, but it deserves your ire. It's an inelegant solution to a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place. When removal's too good, it puts big constraints on the type of creatures that see play. Lyra Dawnbringer showed promise for a minute, but at the end of the day, it doesn't really do anything other than STATS, so it's out.

Hexproof is the cudgel you see R&D wield a lot when they want a green creature to see play. Vine Mare is just the latest in a long line of those, only this iteration has near-unblockable, because so many of the creatures you'd want to block with in Standard right now just so happen to be black. Also, the Dungrove Elder decks of the past never had access to Verdurous Gearhulk. So, yeah, mono-green is really good right now.

#1: Bomat Courier

Hey, Bomat Courier's still good. It's even been seeing some play in Legacy. How wild is that?

See you next week.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced Ca-pora)