Just got back from Grand Prix Pittsburgh! I did bad because I am very bad. Onto the cards! This week is weird.

#10: Gilded Lotus

Gilded Lotus has been a Commander staple as long as its been a card, and thanks to Dominaria introducing a whole slew of them to the market, they're finally cheap enough for anyone who wants one.

#9: Sunscape Familiar

Pauper cards are finally starting to pop up on this list with some regularity; it's about time. As much as I dislike the format on a philosophical level, it's cheap and does a fine job of simulating other formats. Sunscape Familiar's blowing up because of a neat combo deck, because commons-only doesn't mean the decks aren't busted in half.

#8: Aether Hub

I played Corey Baumeister's exact 75 from a couple weeks ago at Grand Prix Pittsburgh. His list plays two copies of Aether Hub, and they're the only energy card in the list, essentially making them Tendo Ice Bridges. And it plays!

#7: Arcane Adaptation

Tribal cards are always a fan favorite, and with all the tribal stuff going on in M19, it shouldn't be surprising that this card's blowing up temporarily.

#6: Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle

Speaking of M19, the Scapeshift reprint will probably end up selling more Scapeshifts at some point, but for now, players are picking up Valakuts because they're cheaper to pick up and they're how the deck wins. It all tracks.

#5: Shalai, Voice of Plenty


Craig Wescoe played W/G Midrange at Pro Tour Dominaria and it got a ton of press as something that reliably beats Mountains. Bon appetit.

#4: Verix Bladewing

M19's got a lot of tribal stuff going on, and one of the supported tribes is dragons, so people are picking up Verix Bladewing on the cheap before it potentially blows up. The card's good and M19's got a ton of good dragon support, so I wholly endorse picking these up.

#3: Tower Defense

The fact that something as silly as Tower Defense spiking in sales probably has a lot to do with Arcades, the Strategist. Imagine if Might of Oaks cost two and pumped your whole team. Sign me up for some of that.

#2: Scrapheap Scrounger

Cards that have have put 24+ copies in multiple Pro Tour top 8s:
Wasteland (24 at ptrome98, 24 at worlds99)
Grim Monolith (24 at ptny99, 28 at ptno03)
Rishadan Port (28 at ptny00, 28 at worlds00, 25 at ptchi00)
Scrapheap Scrounger (31 at ptaer, 24 at #PTDOM)

— ajlvi (@ajlvi) June 3, 2018

#1: Bomat Courier

While waiting for the PTQ to start yesterday, literal dinosaur Ben Peebles-Mundy asked me what I played in the main event. I told him, noting that with more time to prepare, I would've tried harder to find a better one-drop for the deck than Bomat Courier. Disallow decks aside, one of the things that makes a deck is good in Standard right now is that it incidentally invalidates Bomat Courier, either by gumming up the ground or by having nothing else to really hit with their Fatal Pushes. Ben asserted that I probably had to play Bomat Courier anyway, not just because it's good against Disallows, but because if everyone abandoned Bomat Couriers, it would make all these other potentially troublesome decks playable. He acknowledged that there would probably be one weekend where it was definitively correct to abandon Bomat Courier, but that your likelihood of picking your spot correctly was pretty low, making it better to just keep forcing people to respect Bomat Courier.

Standard is not warping around Goblin Chainwhirler. It's warping around Bomat Courier.

See you next week.

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora