It seems Modern Horizons has finally pushed its way into the Top 10. Three of the ten are from a new deck that has been making waves in Modern. Let's dive in and check them out.

#10: Talisman of Creativity

Commander players have been waiting a while for this cycle to come out. A two-cost mana rock that can produce two colors is great on its own, but even better in a format where Sol Ring is still legal. While these mana rocks aren't breaking any decks, they are likely being bought up by all the players who have been waiting years to get this cycle. I just wish these came out before I decided to take my Niv-Mizzet, Parun deck apart.

#9: Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis

This past week Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis has been shaking things up for graveyard archetypes. I've seen multiple lists posted to Twitter and Reddit by players trying to figure out how to best leverage this powerful card.

I was going to keep this under wraps for a bit, but someone else has found Hogaak + Altar (it's not very hard tbf) and posted about it on Reddit so I may as well share. This is probably the future of modern graveyard decks, it feels absurd.

— WhiteFaces (@WhiteFacesmtg) June 6, 2019

@WhiteFacesmtg posted a Dredge list with it that actually didn't even include Vengevine. There has been discussion back and forth on what should be included, and whether it is any better than Bridgevine. In case you haven't seen it, here is the list WhiteFaces posted on Twitter. It is more resilient against graveyard hate like Grafdigger's Cage, since Bridge from Below still functions while it is out. In addition it is incredibly fast with consistent turn-three wins. Surgical Extraction and Leyline of the Void are still a real threat to this deck, but so far the feedback I've read has been that these changes are well worth it.

#8: Talisman of Curiosity

Just like Talisman of Creativity, I think these are mostly being bought by Commander players. Mitch at The Commander's Quarters released a video last week about some of the best cards coming to Commander from Modern Horizons. He talked about the strength of these two-cost mana rocks compared to some of our other options in the format, which may have also helped drive these sales.

#7: Soulherder

This is going to be a favorite in white-blue Commander decks. It slots right in with any Brago, King Eternal deck and is both a value creature and possibly a win condition, as it will grow rapidly in a flicker-based deck. I was excited to see that this was three mana, because it will be a target the moment it hits the battlefield. So if you've got a Sun Titan in your deck, you can play Sun Titan and bring Soulherder back to the battlefield, then potentially get two uses of Sun Titan's ability every turn between its attack trigger and Soulherder flickering it.

#6: Mobilized District

This week's Top 10 may be heavy on the non-rotating formats, but the Planeswalker-loaded Standard format is still driving sales of Mobilized District. As one of you pointed out last week, Nissa, Who Shakes the World synergizes really well with Mobilized District. The counters placed on the land typically make it a 3/3, but when you activate Mobilized District the base power and toughness becomes 3/3 so the counters bump it up to a 6/6 with vigilance.

#5: Altar of Dementia

Altar of Dementia is another new addition to the Dredge decks we are seeing lately. It fills your graveyard incredibly fast and also provides the deck with a combo-win alternative to the beatdown strategy. Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis can be cast from the graveyard so sacrificing it to Altar of Dementia is only a temporary loss, and can mill more copies of Bridge from Below and creatures to play out of the graveyard, which can be tapped to convoke Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis back into play.

#4: Rebuild

This one I think is here due to speculation. Astral Drift has opened up the possibility of a Modern cycling deck and this could be the artifact removal of the deck, that can replace itself when not needed. It is basically Hurkyl's Recall with cycling tacked on for one more mana. It is currently 13 cents so with its potential in a new deck and as a possible alternative to Hurkyl's Recall it's got a lot of room to inflate in price.

#3: Bridge from Below

The last piece of the new Dredge decks to make it into the Top 10. Bridge from Below is the centerpiece of the deck so hitting number 3 is hardly a surprise. Putting it into the graveyard is easy with Altar of Dementia on the battlefield, and in multiples it gets out of control. Sacrificing a Gravecrawler can put up to 8 power on your battlefield with the full set in your graveyard. Then after you sac it, you can recast Gravecrawler from the graveyard and rinse and repeat until you're satisfied with the obscene number of Zombie tokens littering the battlefield.

#2: Dreadhorde Arcanist

Last week, at Magicfest Taipei, a white/red Feather, the Redeemed deck managed to get third place. This deck tends to be considered Tier 2, so seeing how well it performed may have inspired players to order Dreadhorde Arcanist and try out the new build. Dreadhorde Arcanist synergizes well with Feather, the Redeemed. The spells cast off Dreadhorde Arcanist's ability can be returned to your hand with Feather's ability rather than exiled. Dreadhorde Arcanist is also capable of taking the damage from Reckless Rage if you don't have Feather, the Redeemed, Tenth District Legionnaire, or Gideon Blackblade on the battlefield yet.

#1: Battle Screech

The reprint of Battle Screech is the first paper reprint since it was originally printed in Judgment. This brought the card to a much more affordable price for Pauper players that are on a budget. The Modern Horizons version is sitting around 40 cents right now. If you want to spring for the original art, you're still gonna be dishing out about five bucks apiece.