Prepare to bask in the glory of the ten best-selling Magic cards of the past week. Let's hit it.

#10: Squee, the Immortal

Despite the recent errata that a Squee, the Immortal exiled by an Ixalan's Binding can't be recast, players can't get enough Squee, the Immortal. Most recently, Squee's surfaced in mono-red sideboards because control decks can't answer it even a little bit.

#9: Soul-Scar Mage

Hey, did you know Soul-Scar Mage is really, really good with Goblin Chainwhirler? That's really nice. It's good that a mopey, terrible, bad, otherwise-useless card like Goblin Chainwhirler can get some help. Really great stuff.

#8: Aether Hub

At some point I want to compile a list of the card that's been on the most Top 10s. My hunch is that it will be Aether Hub, a cool card that's everything Tendo Ice Bridge—a card that saw plenty of play in its own right—wishes it could've been.

#7: Blackblade Reforged

I like it when Top 10s are like this. Dominaria's been out for a while now, so the top 10 isn't just "list of the uncommons people still need from the newest set." Lists this far out from a release let you see what players are really doing with Magic's newest set, and apparently, players are giving their legends big ol' swords to mess around with.

#6: Galvanic Blast

Galvanic Blast has been automatic in Affinity decks since Modern became a thing, but the card shines bright in Pauper as well. Does a Fling + Atog deck need a four-damage Lightning Bolt? Of course not, but it's still sweet.

#5: Forebear's Blade

More swords! This thing is pretty busted in Limited play, but I haven't seen it in a Constructed deck yet. There's still time, though!

#4: Unwind

Team Unified Standard presents some issues with interesting workarounds. A quick example: if your team ends up playing two blue decks, both are going to want a Negate effect. That's where Unwind comes in: one deck gets Negates, the other gets Unwind. Ideally, Unwind goes in the deck that makes the best use of its mana on an opponent's turn, ie., alongside cards like Pull from Tomorrow and The Scarab God.

#3: Bomat Courier

I know there's a lot of text on this card, but I want you to ignore all of it and just treat as an Ancestral Recall stapled to a Raging Goblin. I've found that that framework really clears things up.

#2: Rat Colony

At this point, the only interesting thing about Rat Colony here is that it isn't #1. Onward and upward.

#1: Harsh Mentor

In a Standard format long on Grizzly Bears, long on Shocks, and long on creatures that clown on Grizzly Bears, what is it about Harsh Mentor that's so compelling? As it turns out, it's a human, which means that it slots right into the Modern humans deck, specifically the sideboard. If you remember Burning-Tree Shaman's Reign of Terror during its Standard run, then you know how busted Harsh Mentor can get.

See you next week.

Jon Corpora
pronounced ca-pora