Masters 25 went on sale last week. Just giving a little context here; a lot of cards from Masters 25 hit the Top 10 this week, and if you didn't know that Masters 25 dropped last Friday, you'd probably be pretty confused.

Here goes.

#10: Dire Fleet Daredevil

I touched on this last week, but with all the one-mana removal (Fatal Push, Magma Spray) floating around Standard, Dire Fleet Daredevil out of the Mono-Red Aggro sideboard can be a killer. The post-sideboard Mono-Red Aggro game plan for most decks involves cheaper removal and cheap creatures to gum up the ground, and Dire Fleet Daredevil invalidates this. The card is extremely good.

#9: Simian Spirit Guide

Masters 25 marks the first-ever Simian Spirit Guide reprint. SSG's a highly sought after card that hadn't been heretofore printed since Planar Chaos in 2007; thanks to the Masters 25 reprint, the price has come way down on the color-tweaked Elvish Spirit Guide, and now players are snapping theirs up while the price is at an all-time low.

#8: Ash Barrens

I haven't paid much attention to Pauper prices since the Content Creators™️ hyped the format to the sky (my thoughts on Pauper can be found here, tl;dr: I think Pauper sucks), but I knew enough to know that Ash Barrens, like Oubliette, was more expensive enough than the rest of the cards in the format pool to be truly irritating. An Ash Barrens reprint helps out a lot here.

#7: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt is an exceptional card and the Masters 25 prints, in all their watermark-y goodness, look incredible. Not much of a mystery here.

#6: Utopia Sprawl

Since Bloodbraid Elf was unbanned in Modern, the red/green land destruction archetype got a huge boost. Utopia Sprawl, a card that was originally printed in Dissension in 2006 and hadn't been reprinted since, gives the land destruction deck a huge lift. A Masters 25 reprint makes the card available to more players.

#5: Eternal Scourge

Do you know what card Eternal Scourge is good with? Food Chain!

#4: Brainstorm

There are a lot of choices that went into the aesthetic of the Masters 25 Brainstorm, and the care and thought put into the choices shows. The combination of center-aligned text and a lack of flavor text makes the card feel crisp and clean. The symmetrical Ice Age watermark pops among all the dead space in the text box. The Chris Rahn art is striking. Put simply, the Masters 25 Brainstorm rules.

#3: Counterspell

Like Brainstorm but less of an iconic card, the Masters 25 Counterspell looks great.

#2: Relentless Rats

The explanation for Relentless Rats lies in its text box. Since you can play as many of them as you want, it incentivizes people to buy more. Also it's a weird card. People like weird.

#1: Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter

This is an obvious spec, but not one that makes a ton of sense to me. Oviya Pashiri is going to be very good with a couple known Dominaria cards, but Kaladesh and Dominaria will be Standard-legal together for... six months? How high will the demand be on an unproven mythic rare that rotates in six months? How many relevant Standard events are there this summer that would force players to buy Oviyas? The bulk of Standard GPs are in August; speculating on Oviya Pashiri now is a leap of faith that borders on lunacy.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)