A few weeks ago when Wizards announced that we'd be getting 36 planeswalkers in War of the Spark, the Top 10 Sellers were basically a Scryfall search of cards with the word planeswalker in the text box. Last week, the hype died down a bit and the Top 10's got a good mix of cards from across all formats. So let's dive right in.

#10: Plaguecrafter

With War of the Spark promising a Standard format with 70+ Planeswalkers, it's no surprise that so many people are buying up Planeswalker hate wherever they can get it. Plaguecrafter is creature and Planeswalker removal on a 3/2 body—not bad—but with so many Planeswalkers on their way, I'd be willing to wager we get some better options from War of the Spark.

#9: Infernal Reckoning

Both Urzatron and Affinity have pulled off Top 8 finishes in Modern in recent weeks. Infernal Reckoning is just the sideboard tech to take care of those pesky Wurmcoils, Constructs and Eldrazi.

#8: Cindervines

Cindervines has found its place in Naya Burn sideboards with solid performance against control and affinity matchups. Leyline removal, with the added bonus of free damage on any non-creature spell, makes this worthy of at least a 2/2 split with Destructive Revelry. In Standard sideboards, Cindervines sits nicely in both Mono Red and Gruul Aggro, taking out Nexus decks' Wilderness Reclamations, and punishing them for every one of their many draw spells.

#7: Light up the Stage

Light Up the Stage is nothing new. It's usually played in multiples, and since Mono-Red in Standard, Modern, Legacy, Legacy Delver and Standard Gruul all play it, the fact that it hit the number 7 spot isn't too surprising.

#6: Blackblade Reforged

Our number 6 slot adds a nice bit of flavor with the impending confrontation between Gideon and Nicol Bolas. But, other than that, this one is a bit of a mystery.

#5: Pyromancer Ascension

Modern Phoenix decks have recently been toying with maindeck Pyromancer Ascension. Phoenix decks have been a strong performer in recent Modern events, so with Pyromancer Ascension making it to our Number 5 slot, you may want to prepare to see more of them at your local FNM.

#4: Wilderness Reclamation

Temur and Nexus Reclamation decks are both running playsets of Wilderness Reclamation. Turns out, Magic players REALLY like playing on other people's turns.

#3: Lavinia, Azorius Renegade

As a solid Commander card with some playability in Modern, Vintage, and Legacy Lavinia has managed to make it into the Top 10 two weeks in a row. Legacy has really been the driving factor here with Lavinia's ability to shut down the almighty Force of Will.

#2: Astral Slide

As far as I can tell this one is pure spec. Modern Horizons has a lot of people throwing darts at the board, hoping to hit the few gems that get reprinted. Personally I'm on the Shardless Agent train. We got Bloodbraid back, so I don't think it is too much of a stretch.

#1: Geode Golem

With War of the Spark only a month away, I think we'll see Standard buys slowing down as people wait to see how this new set shakes up the format. When this happens, typically Commander orders start rising to the top as specs slow down and players save their money for preorders and release events. That being said I have no idea why Geode Golem rose so far up the charts. Its usefulness in Commander is hampered by how easy it is to remove or chump block. Maelstrom Wanderer may be the only Commander I'd say he truly belongs with.

There they are, last week's Top 10 cards on TCGplayer. Spoiler season is about to begin so expect some big changes to this list in the coming weeks.

Justin Ward