First things first: I said I was going to do a write-up on the Second Sun Control Challenger deck last Thursday. Well, Wednesday night, I got the stomach bug. I won't go into the finer details, but long story short: it was bad. The good news is that the videos are already recorded and live on our YouTube channel. Expect to see a write-up tomorrow.

On to the top-selling cards.

#10: Legion Lieutenant

Over the course of Rivals of Ixalan Standard, Vampires has rounded out into a solid tribe. It'll never be an optimal choice in a world of Scarab Gods and Hazorets, but it's competitive, it's fun, and it's definitely capable of spiking a win on any given weekend. Plus, Dominaria will add a few goodies.

#9: Nettle Sentinel

The story behind Nettle Sentinel's sudden jump in sales is simple: it was getting pretty pricey, and now it's a common in Masters 25. An open-and-shut case.

#8: Simian Spirit Guide

Simian Spirit Guide's in the same boat as Nettle Sentinel: widely-played relatively-expensive card gets a reprint, easier accessibility causes the price to Plummet, players win. Bing bang boom.

#7: Arbor Elf

Arbor Elf combos with the next best-seller, so let's talk about it there.

#6: Utopia Sprawl

The Bloodbraid Elf unban probably did the most not for Jund (because the deck was already good, you see), but for Ponza, a red/green deck centered around destroying lands and churning out Inferno Titans. Arbor Elf and Utopia Sprawl are a natural combo—Arbor Elf untaps the enchanted Forest—that features heavily in the Ponza deck. Turn-three Inferno Titan is very much a thing.

#5: Brainstorm

#####CARDID= 40300#####

Brainstorm has been the lynchpin of Legacy long before Masters 25 came around, but the Masters 25 Brainstorm is cheap and looks awesome. Case closed.

#4: Lightning Bolt

Much like Nettle Sentinel and Simian Spirit Guide are spiking in sales for the same reason, Brainstorm and Lightning Bolt have both been in circulation for a long time, and supply more or less covers the demand and has for a while. Their spike in sales is owed to a cosmetic update and a renewed interest. Imagine that—Masters 25 is not the dumpster fire every YouTuber told you it was.

Important reminder: grousing about Masters expansions is chic. There are legitimate gripes about the set to be had, but on YouTube and Twitch, platforms with content typically consumed by juveniles of all ages, incendiary attacks perform well. Thus, content creators are incentivized to churn out nonsense like "MASTERS 25 WOTC DISASTER." It's all disingenuous trash, but Masters 25, just like literally every other set ever printed, has issues, so any Content Peddler can claim plausible deniability while I'm forced to listen to LGS Guy's empty rant about how much he dislikes Masters 25 because Tarmogoyf isn't in it or whatever because someone on the internet wound him up for clicks. It sucks and I hate it.

All I can tell you is that Masters 25 is selling like hotcakes. You can apply all the skepticism you like to that statement, but I don't know why I'd lie here.

#3: Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter

I have been laboring under the impression that Oviya was a mythic rare. The card has so much text! It made sense to me. Anyways, Oviya is a rare, not a mythic rare, so speculating on it makes even less sense, which is bad because speculating on this card was a bad idea to begin with. Sure, it's good with some Dominaria cards. So is everything else.

#2: Counterspell

You can lump Counterspell in the Brainstorm/Lightning Bolt category of "it looks cool and different and that's why it's selling well." Mystery solved.

#1: Relentess Rats

Uncommons generally sell well. So does casual fodder. Relentless Rats is both! Or at least it was. It's a common now. Have fun with that, Pauper-heads.

See you tomorrow.

Jon Corpora
pronounced ca-pora