There was no Magic coverage on last weekend, so I'm not counting last weekend as a weekend. Without a Magic tournament to watch, what's the point?

These are the ten things that sold the best last week. Let's get into it.

#10: Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter

People are still buying Oviya Pashiri thanks to its promise in combination with Dominaria cards like Mox Amber and Shanna, Sisay's Legacy. Here's why Oviya Pashiri has little to no chance of being good in Standard: the mana investment is not worth the output. Oviya's activations cost three and five mana, and while they don't cost a card, they do cost a turn, allowing your opponent to trade their, say, Golden Demise for your Oviya and multiple turns. The best decks in Standard simply do much more powerful things with their turns than "create a 1/1."

#9: Ash Barrens

Pre-Masters 25, Ash Barrens was one of the more annoyingly expensive Pauper cards. Since its Masters 25 reprint, the price tag on Ash Barrens has dropped by roughly 75%, resulting in a sharp increase in sales.

#8: Wayward Swordtooth

All you need to know about this 5/5 for three mana is that Corbin Hosler played it in Modern last month and it was great.

#7: Nettle Sentinel

It turns out that when a card experiences a sharp decrease in price, demand goes up. Who could've guessed?

#6: Arbor Elf

Arbor Elf's Masters 25 reprint happened to coincide with Bloodbraid Elf's unban in Modern. This is relevant because Arbor Elf plays an important role in the Modern red/green land destruction deck—a deck that gained the most from the Bloodbraid Elf unban.

#5: Hand of Emrakul

I have no idea why this card is selling. I assume its Pauper but I couldn't find any decks with Hand of Emrakul in any format. Oh well. I'm sure you'll let me know in the comments in a kind and gracious way.

#4: Counterspell

Counterspell's been selling well since Masters 25 dropped. I don't really know why. Did it really get that much cheaper post-Masters 25?

#3: Fateful Showdown

I suppose this card combos with The Flame of Keld nicely, although you'd have to draw it sometime in between discarding your hand and adding the third lore counter to The Flame of Keld. And even then, that combo is very far away from guaranteed to kill your opponent. I confess: I don't know why people are buying Fateful Showdown. I've been mired in Standard PPTQs for the last month, so that's my frame of reference for Magic right now. I couldn't find any compelling reason why Fateful Showdown would suddenly be good, and I couldn't find any decks its in. Sorry!

#2: Brainstorm

Brainstorm falls into a similar category as Counterspell, but with the added benefit of being the most powerful card in Legacy. It should probably be banned in Legacy, but players heavily invested in Legacy would probably freak out at the thought of that. It's like Mishra's Workshop in Vintage in that way. Neat!

#1: Relentless Rats

Relentless Rats got downgraded to common rarity in Masters 25, meaning there's a spark in demand from Pauper players. Factor in that whenever someone's buying Relentless Rats, they're likely buying lots at a time and you have a clear best-seller for a solid stretch of time.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)