A substantial portion of Dominaria leaked last week. The set looks wild. I understand disappointment in another leak, but this bears pointing out: If you don't want any Dominaria spoilers, do not read this. I'm going to write about it more for Wednesday. Today, the Top 10 sellers await.

#10: Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter

Oviya is a fringe Commander option, but what drove her sales this week can be attributed to two Dominaria cards: Mox Amber & Shanna, Sisay's Legacy. Any cheap legend is going to be great with Mox Amber, and curving Oviya into Shanna and spending the rest of the game churning out tokens with Oviya for the next few turns will be a tough nut to crack. Golden Demise or Sweltering Suns will care of the situation handily, but those cards are underrepresented in Rivals of Ixalan Standard.

#9: Inalla, Archmage Ritualist

Wizard tribal synergies return with Dominaria, and Inalla is pretty spicy with a pile of wizards. That's about it.

#8: Eternal Scourge

Eternal Scourge is a combo with another card on the Top 10. You'll have to wait to read the story behind this one.

#7: Gladecover Scout

With a GP and a Magic Online Championship win, Bogles has cemented itself as an Extremely Real Deck in Modern. In his Magic Online Championship win, Dmitriy Butakov laid out the Bogles strategy against the majority of the Modern metagame plainly: most decks straight-up cannot beat a turn-zero Leyline of Sanctity.

#6: Thrashing Brontodon

Not much to say about Thrashing Brontodon-it's all on the card. It's efficient enough, and a Disenchant tacked on gives it enough utility to warrant play in pretty much any green deck.

#5: Baffling End

Last weekend's Magic Online PTQ was won by a white/green deck with four copies of Baffling End in the sideboard. It makes senseā€”the deck's trying to keep the battlefield as clear as possible so it can land the killing blow with Appeal // Authority. Deck looks sweet.

#4: Skymarcher Aspirant

I think it's safe to say that Vampires is a real deck. It may not quite be Tier 1, thanks to its complete lack of The Scarab God or Hazoret the Fervent, but it will dunk all over you if you don't have a plan to beat it. You've been warned.

#3: Dire Fleet Daredevil

Dire Fleet Daredevil is messed up. At a PPTQ last weekend, my opponent played a Dire Fleet Daredevil on turn three and used my Fatal Push to destroy a blocker. I lost that game by a lot. That's way better than Ravenous Chupacabra!

#2: Serum Powder

We finally arrived at the card that combos with Eternal Scourge! Here's the deck:

The logic is that any opening hand with a Serum Powder and Eternal Scourge is a mulligan to n+1 since you can cast Eternal Scourge from exile. Ideal opening hand for this deck: three Serum Powder, four Eternal Scourge.

#1: Goblin Warchief

Goblin Warchief is a straight-up reprint in Dominaria, and the 2016 FNM promo is the cheapest one you can get. Mysteries revealed!

See you next time.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)