After a week hiatus, the column is back. Let's get right into it.

#10: Wizard's Lightning

Standard actually has a burn deck. I know it's called Mono-Red Aggro in our database, but this is a burn deck, and it's great. The Flame of Keld does work.

#9: Ethereal Armor

Bogles remains good in Modern, and Ethereal Armor's one of the cheaper aspects of the deck.

#8: Helm of the Host

I am fortunate enough to have never had to face off against a Helm of the Host, but yeah—this card is absurd. May you never have to beat one without a Shatter.

#7: Knight of Malice

You know what card's not very fun to play against with W/U Control? Knight of Malice! None of the deck's spot removal deals with it, forcing the deck to spend precious Fumigates and Settle the Wreckages to get it off the battlefield. It's a good one.

#6: Llanowar Elves

Llanowar Elves is a little awkward in a Standard format where Goblin Chainwhirler is so ubiquitous, but as long as you play Llanowar Elves on the first turn, there are a couple opportunities to power out some fatties ahead of schedule before Goblin Chainwhirler nukes it off the face of the earth.

#5: Knight of Grace

Turns out the only recourse W/U Control has against Knight of Malice is Knight of Grace. They trade for each other, you see!

#4: Artificer's Assistant

Over the weekend, Dev over at Strictly Better MTG posted a gnarly combo deck featuring a combo win with Powerstone Shard and Cogwork Assembler. Standard is great right now.

#3: Opt

The bummer about Opt, at least in Standard, is there's no real reason to play it over Hieroglyphic Illumination. It's still real good in Modern, though.

#2: Damping Sphere

Damping Sphere's cheap and it's good against a lot of stuff. Everyone's still scrambling to get their playsets.

#1: Rat Colony

Here we go again!

Cards like Relentless Rats and Rat Colony sell well for two reasons. Reason One: Casual players love them, and casual players make up the vast majority of people that buy Magic cards. Reason Two: The nature of them—you can play as many in a deck as you want and multiple copies make each other better—means that each order that contains them will probably have way more than four copies in that order.

See you next week.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)