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#10: Ultimate Masters Booster Box


It's opening day of Ultimate Masters preview season (the whole set's revealed Wednesday). As of publication, the Market Price of a sealed booster box of Ultimate Masters is $254.98, a considerable fall from its ballyhooed $335.76 MSRP. Ultimate Masters is chock-full of sweet cards, but a lot of the expected value analysis of the set doesn't adjust for a ton of its singles hitting the market all at once and killing prices. That's going to happen. Long-term, singles prices could come back up, like they do in the wake of every Masters set, but if as much Ultimate Masters gets opened as the sealed sales indicate, singles prices might not follow the same old trend as the other Masters set cards did.

#9: Wild Guess

It's the same thing as Tormenting Voice, but it costs RR instead of 1R. If this is a spec, it's not a good one; even if the spec hedges on the fact that both cards are functionally identical in a mono-red deck, there's no reason to opt for Wild Guess over the card that's been recently reprinted as much as Tormenting Voice.

#8: Niv-Mizzet, Parun

Predictably, Niv-Mizzet, Parun made the transition from "impossible to cast" to "put it in the 75 of literally every deck that can make blue and red mana" pretty quickly. It is very, very good.

#7: Discovery // Dispersal

#6: Crackling Drake

#5: Lava Coil

More on these cards in a minute.

#4: Rat Colony

Rat Colony appearing among the top sellers is a symptom of a Standard format with a flat power level. For the first time in what feels like forever, there are lots and lots of things to do in Standard; the horsepower in the format isn't narrowed to one or two spots, despite more than a month of high-level play.

Casual cards sell the best on TCGplayer, but "casual" is subjective. Since Standard has a smaller card pool, it's easier for Standard cards to overtake a Top 10 best-seller list. The "wide variety" of Standard decks is relative—for all the viable decks in Standard, there'll always be waaaaay more casual cards to choose from.

That said, Guilds of Ravnica Standard is way more diverse than recent Standard formats, and since Standard players have to buy more unique cards than usual, casual stuff like Rat Colony has a better chance than usual to crack the Top 10.

#3: Thud

Oh Saffron Olive, you rapscallion.

#2: Chart a Course

U/R Drakes may not be the best-performing deck necessarily, but it is insanely fun to play. It's full of some of Standard's best cards, and if you don't think Chart a Course has a case for the title of the best card in Standard, you are wrong.

#1: Enter the Unknown

This is a cool card, especially with Wildgrowth Walker! I don't know what triggered the wave of Enter the Unknown purchases, though. My bad.

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