This week's sales numbers are going to include our Black Friday kickback. All that means is that the data set's going to be bigger than usual. Next week's data will include today's Cyber Monday kickback. Let's roll.

#10: Assassin's Trophy

Usually, it's harder for expensive cards to crack the Top 10. Longtime readers of this column knew that already, but the logic there is that the uncommons that typically dominate our Top 10 cards sold are simply less cost-prohibitive. Assassin's Trophy's still a comparatively expensive card—as of writing this, its Market Price is just shy of $13—but our Black Friday kickback incentivized folks to buy more expensive cards than they normally would. So you're going to see more expensive cards here than you normally would.

#9: Chart a Course

Last week, Brian Braun-Duin stated that Chart a Course is the best card in Standard. That's a bold claim, but I'm inclined to agree.

#8: Watery Grave

Watery Grave's another relatively expensive card (Market Price: $8) that got a turbo-boost in sales because of our Black Friday kickback.

#7: Mission Briefing

There's a mono-blue devotion deck with a mill theme making the rounds. Mission Briefing getting back Sanity Grinding is a thing, I suppose.

#6: Steam Vents

The blue shocklands sold well when we had an absurd kickback sale. Who could've anticipated such an outcome?!

#5: Enter the Unknown

I think I figured out why Enter the Unknown's selling so well.

Enter the Unknown and Tatyova, Benthic Druid go together like lamb and tuna fish.

#4: Crackling Drake

#3: Lava Coil

The takeaway from the Top 10 Sellers over the past few weeks is that U/R Drakes is a beloved deck. Having played the deck in a Grand Prix and the ensuing day 2 PTQ, I can confirm that the deck is indeed dope. Standard hasn't seen a deck like U/R Drakes—fast and linear with a reasonable fail rate—in a long time. It's really fun to play. You get to manipulate a lot of cardboard with all those cantrips.

#2: Ultimate Masters Sealed Booster Box


Despite the unprecedented MSRP hike on Ultimate Masters booster boxes, the Market Price has settled in the $270 range. Not too shabby.

#1: Camaraderie

Camaraderie was also featured in a Commander's Quarters deck, but other than that, I couldn't really find a deck with Camaraderie in it. There was a Selesnya deck from the Hereruya Holiday Cup that played Camaraderie as a one-of, but the card's not good. It's a six-mana sorcery. If you have enough creatures to make it good when you cast it, you're probably winning the game anyway. There's a chance it plays well against Settle the Wreckage, but Settle the Wreckage against a horde of creatures is already pretty bad for whoever's Settling.

See you next week, when we dive into what sold during today's Cyber Monday kickback. I can't wait.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)