Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night, wherever you happen to be. I'm Jon Corpora, and my head hurts. Last weekend was a blur of Halloween parties and buffalo chicken wing dip, but i'm duty-bound to present our best-selling cards of the past week. Let's get after it.

#10: Longtusk Cub

Temur Energy looks like the runaway best deck in Standard, and unless one of the superteams comes up with something really spicy for Pro Tour Ixalan, it's going to stay that way. Longtusk Cub makes Temur Energy better than "just another midrange deck," giving the deck an early play with closing speed that most decks would kill for.

#9: Cast Out

Cast Out is an instant-speed catchall answer that isn't going to break the bank. It's pretty simple.

#8: Walk the Plank

There's rumblings of a mono-black Standard deck, and since it's only one color, casting Walk the Plank is a piece of cake.

#7: Gifted Aetherborn

That same mono-black deck can also cast Gifted Aetherborn without breaking a sweat. One of the worst feelings in Standard is when your opponent casts Gifted Aetherborn and you have a Bristling Hydra in hand with no removal. Feels bad, man.

#6: Merfolk Branchwalker

U/G Merfolk will continue to pique the interest of Modern players looking for the next cool thing, and Merfolk Branchwalker makes the deck tick, acting as more copies of Silvergill Adept, one of the best pre-Ixalan merfolk.

#5: Shefet Dunes

Shefet Dunes is an obvious enough inclusion in decks that already make a ton of tokens anyway, and Standard's got a bunch of those. And Shefet Dunes doesn't even take up a spell slot!

#4: Chart a Course

If a new deck surfaces at Pro Tour Ixalan, I think it's going to heavily feature Chart a Course. Chart a Course is the best rate on two cards we've seen in a long time, and it has the potential to take a pedestrian deck and turn it into a world-beater.

#3: Opt

Opt is great. It makes a ton of Modern better and will definitely make its impact on Standard sooner rather than later. Bank on it.

#2: Kitesail Freebooter

Kitesail Freebooter is an interesting take on a card that's existed for more than ten years at this point, and its creature types plus the fact that it has flying push it over the top of past versions of the card.

#1: Unclaimed Territory

But our number-one seller is Unclaimed Territory. It's huge in tribal decks all over Standard and Modern, and it even features in Corbin's Mining Modern video this week, which I highly recommend. I'm in it! Until then, subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you next time!

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora