I lost in the Top 8 of another PPTQ. I am ready to know what the local-level PPTQ replacement is going to look like. Time for the Top 10!

#10: Crackling Drake

#9: Niv-Mizzet, Parun

Besides being two of the best Izzet creatures in Guilds of Ravnica, what Niv-Mizzet, Parun and Crackling Drake have in common is that they can be found in the 75s of both control and Arclight Phoenix-focused decks.

#8: Creeping Chill

Modern was a pretty hostile place before Guilds of Ravnica, but now that Creeping Chill's turned Dredge into a contender overnight, Modern sideboards are stretched thinner than ever. My advice if you're going to a Modern tournament this weekend: play a linear that everyone else is likely to forget about (Bogles, maybe? idk) and have a plan for Dredge, because that deck will straight-up murderball you out of nowhere.

#7: Fiery Cannonade

Fiery Cannonade is the kind of hoser that both players can feel alright about. It trades equitably for a History of Benalia, one of the best cards in Standard, without giving either player a massive tempo advantage. They make clones of cards all the time; I hope there are more iterations on "instant-speed three-mana Pyroclasm" to come.

#6: Tocatli Honor Guard

Last weekend's Standard MOCS followed the same trend as Grand Prix New Jersey the weekend before—there wasn't a single Golgari deck that finished 7-1 or better. Tocatli Honor Guard, and Golgari players' lack of adaptations to it, has been a big contributor to Golgari's swift and sudden freefall.

#5: Chart a Course

The Arclight Phoenix deck couldn't exist without Chart a Course. Card is great.

#4: Lich's Mastery

Ali Aintrazi notched a win at a Standard Classic with a wild Lich's Mastery deck that's got a bunch of stuff going on. Chance for Glory is a straight-up Time Walk. The Mirari Conjecture lets you Fork Explosions. Mastermind's Acquisition gets Banefire (to beat control decks), Nature's Spiral (to get back The Mirari Conjecture), The Immortal Sun, Deafening Clarion, and more. The deck rules.

#3: Seekers' Squire

B/G Midrange has fallen off in the past week, but it's still infinitely customizable. Don't be surprised to see this archetype bounce back come Pro Tour time.

#2: Lava Coil

Lava Coil is good! It's not much more complicated than that. It nukes the vast majority of the relevant Standard monsters across all archetypes, and does so at a solid rate. The rise of Arclight Phoenix has only made Lava Coil better.

#1: Heart of Kiran

No clue why this is #1. None at all. Hit me up if you figure this one out.


Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)