Guilds of Ravnica is almost fully revealed. I like it. I think surveil is a pretty broken mechanic, to the point that it's totally obvious, and I approve of the fact that it's simply stapled onto a lot of Dimir cards that would otherwise be very vanilla. Overall, though, I'm excited for the set and very excited for a Standard rotation. Kaladesh overstayed its welcome by a lot.

For now, lets dive into the Top 10.

#10: Muldrotha, the Gravetide

Sultai's an exciting three-color wedge to explore for Guilds of Ravnica Standard. Ostensibly, Dimir fills the graveyard and Golgari provides the payoff for doing so. Muldrotha, the Gravetide represents the glue keeping it all together.

#9: Woodland Cemetery

I also don't think that Assassin's Trophy is very good. It's not very efficient unless it's destroying something that costs five or more, and in Modern, two-for-one-ing yourself is a dubious way to try to win games. Basically the only thing I'd want to target with this card is Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. I'm pretty sure Teferi's going to get banned.

#8: Damping Sphere

The hate that Tron gets these days is annoyingly memetic. The following passage concerns something completely different, but it applies here too:

This is why, before we say exactly what is on our minds, we run it past ourselves, to see if it makes sense, is true, is fair, has a flavor of kindness, and won't hurt someone or make someone's difficult life more difficult. Because there are, among us, in every political camp, limited, angry, violent, and/or damaged people, waiting for any excuse to throw off the tethers of restraint and get after it.

#7: Aether Hub

When a card that's about to fall out of Standard appears here, it's because the card has some future applications—it's playable in Modern, Legacy, etc. Aether Hub, effectively a reprint of Tendo Ice Bridge, has no place in any format other than Standard, and it's about to rotate out. So, yeah, I have no clue why people are buying it.

#6: Filigree Familiar

Same with this thing. It's got cute art, but yeah, I don't know what the deal is here.

#5: Maze's End

They're reprinting Guildgates! I don't know if this is a hedge on a Maze's End reprint or if it's because the return of the original Guildgates, along with at least new one, is reigniting interest. Either way, Maze's End is cool with me. Fun fact: The prerelease promo is cheaper than the non-foil version you get in packs, hence why the prerelease version showed up in the Top 10.

#4: Clifftop Retreat

Boros is of the color pairs Guilds of Ravnica supports. As a guild, Boros cards have never been particularly playable by themselves. They enable Naya, historically in Zoo or Naya Blitz, but straight-up white/red hasn't ever been a thing. That trend looks to continue into Guilds of Ravnica Standard, but if Boros ends up being a thing, it'll probably be because of Goblin Chainwhirler, but I'd prefer if it were because of Venerated Loxodon, a Boros card cleverly masquerading as a Selesnya one.

#3: Stitcher's Supplier

No card in Guilds of Ravnica Standard gets cards in the graveyard more efficiently than Stitcher's Supplier, and between Izoni, Thousand-Eyed, Golgari Raiders, Lotleth Giant, and surely more to come, there are plenty of incentives to fill the graveyard quickly.

#2: Spire of Industry

Unlike Aether Hub and Filigree Familiar, Spire of Industry is a card about to rotate that also makes sense in a format like Modern, and since the market's flooded and the resulting price is relatively low, savvy buyers are picking their copies up.

#1: Bone Dragon

A card like Bone Dragon hitting the #1 during a preview season has all the hallmarks of a spec to me. It's a cheap mythic that does something out of the graveyard, so it should work with the Golgari and Dimir cards, right?

I'm low on Bone Dragon because it's a vanilla creature on the battlefield and the cost on its activated ability from the graveyard is really steep. I get that it's only a dollar, but I'd still stay away.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)