Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. I'm Jon Corpora, Managing Editor of, and I'm bringing you the who, what, where, when, and why of the best-selling cards of the past seven days. I can't fathom anything more exciting than this, so I'm just going to hop right in.

#11: Sol Ring

Sol Ring kicks us off. It's a strong contender for the most powerful card in Commander, and its cheap mana cost and widely applicable activated ability means it's a perfect fit in most decks. New Commander decks always bring an influx in Commander players, and Commander 2017 was no different, bringing a slew of new Commander players with it… and they all need Sol Rings.

#10: Samut, the Tested

Samut, the Tested slipped a little bit from its spot in last week's sales standings, but the fact remains that the MTG Arena preview did a good job of reminding people that not only does Samut exist, but it combines perfectly with the dinosaurs of Ixalan.

#9: Harsh Mentor

Without Falkenrath Gorger and Village Messenger in the Ramunap Red deck, players are scrambling to fill that void. Harsh Mentor does a fine job of this; the energy deck in particular has a lot of creatures with important activated abilities, and Harsh Mentor punishes them well.

#8: Walk the Plank

Grasp of Darkness is rotating out, so Walk the Plank pre-sales are way up. Don't let its sorcery speed fool you: Walk the Plank is as close to unconditional removal as we'll get, the most powerful of its kind we've seen since Victim of Night.

#7: Mountain

#6: Opt

For the most part, Opt is still an unknown quantity in both Standard and Modern in terms of its potential impact. For what it's worth, I think Opt is going to be pretty good—I'll even go so far as to say there's a non-zero chance it gets banned in Modern.

#5: Swamp

The Hour of Devastation Swamps and Mountains continue to sell strong. It's interesting to note the Swamps are selling better than the Mountains, even though there's a known mono-red deck and no known mono-black deck. This could mean there's another mono-black deck on the horizon.

#4: Ripjaw Raptor

Reigning World Champ and TCGplayer columnist Brian Braun-Duin is excited for Ripjaw Raptor, and I can't blame him. Midrange creatures of this rate that have generated an advantage have been good in the past, and I expect Ripjaw Raptor to follow that trend.

#3: Approach of the Second Sun

Approach of the Second Sun is one of the three major Standard archetypes that doesn't lose much from rotation—the other two being energy decks and Ramunap Red—so it's seeing a bit of a sales spike. It's worth noting that it combos with Sunbird's Invocation, but I'm not buying the hype on that one. Sunbird's Invocation costs a ton of mana, and stretching the Approach deck to three colors seems ill-advised. The deck wins just fine without Sunbird's Invocation.

#2: Open Fire

I definitely didn't expect Open Fire to make this list in any fashion. I mean, in Limited, Open Fire is great—it's the clear best common in Hour of Devastation—but it is really just a worse Lightning Strike. In traditional burn decks, a density of burn is good, but three mana for three damage is simply too bad in a competitive Constructed deck. I don't know why Open Fire sold so well, but don't expect it to last.

#1: Marionette Master

The number-one card is cute little combo centerpiece that's easy to overlook: Marionette Master. One of Ixalan's core mechanics creates Lotus Petals, allowing you to cast Marionette Master as a 4/6 and immediately do lots of damage to an opponent. Marionette Master will almost certainly be a kill-you-out-of-nowhere card in Standard, and could be the backbone of the hypothetical mono-black deck everyone's buying Swamps for.

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