I had a real good time at the Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease. I hope you did too. Onward and upward.

#10: Legion Warboss

I'm still not a huge fan of this card, and I'm not the only one down on it. I'm less sure this week that Legion Warboss is objectively bad, though, and if it does indeed turn out to be even playable, then the depressed price point from all the bad press it got gave lots of people a cheaper avenue to the card.

#9: Find // Finality

One half is a cheaper Soul Salvage, and the other half is a more expensive Languish that gives one of your creatures a shot at surviving it. It's pretty good, especially right now, when no one sees it coming.

#8: Swiftblade Vindicator

Last week, I observed that Swiftblade Vindicator lacks the raw stats to be any good. It turns out a lot of the Boros cards—Tajic, Legion's Edge, Integrity // Intervention, and a slew of mentor dorks—don't need to try very hard to make Swiftblade Vindicator a world-beater.

#7: Thief of Sanity

More players will compare Thief of Sanity to Nightveil Specter, but the original three-mana two-power Dimir rare that had a triggered ability when it hit an opponent was Dimir Cutpurse. Playing Dimir Cutpurse with Birds of Paradise, Hypnotic Specter, and Umezawa's Jitte was just as sweet as you think it was. Be that as it may, I sure am glad these cards get flying now. Also, Thief of Sanity rules. It's like a Gonti, Lord of Luxury enters-the-battlefield trigger every time it hits!

#6: Sinister Sabotage

Good ol' Dissolve. This thing's like Dissolve but better! Sinister Sabotage will see play in Standard control decks until Guilds of Ravnica rotates.

#5: Risk Factor

Risk Factor's probably the best punisher card ever printed. It's still bad. I would love if it were good, but it's not. Don't play it.

#4: Chemister's Insight

Both Hieroglyphic Illumination and Glimmer of Genius are out of Standard. Now the only Inspiration variant control decks will have access to is Chemister's Insight. If you can get some sort of benefit from the card you discard, Chemister's Insight will be pretty great, but as it stands, Chemister's Insight isn't that much better than straight-up Inspiration.

#3: Pelt Collector

Again, everyone's comparing Pelt Collector to Experiment One while I daydream of a different, older card—this time, I just want to relive my former glory with Rogue Elephant. Also, this deck is sweet:

#2: Consulate Dreadnought


I'm guessing this is some elaborate joke I'm not in on. If you have any clue why this card hit #2 in sales, hit me up on Twitter because I'm curious. Thanks in advance.

#1: Experimental Frenzy

Todd Stevens drove a lot of sales by virtue of being one of the only people that streamed Standard over the weekend. Every time his aforementioned Boros deck stuck an Experimental Frenzy in post-board games, it wildly overperformed. People saw this and bought Experimental Frenzy.

It's an exciting time in Magic. I can't wait to get into some Standard games.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)