The current lull in Magic is killing my vibe. The Guilds of Ravnica prerelease can't come fast enough. Let's get to the Top 10.

#10: Harsh Mentor

Harsh Mentor's a human, which means it slots into Modern Human sideboards great, and since Amonkhet's about to rotate out of Standard, the market's flooded with Harsh Mentors. Even if its sales are going up, it's unlikely that demand will outpace supply, and even if that does come to pass and the price point budges upward, the demand will likely vanish into thin air. Above all else, players are buying Harsh Mentors now because they're cheap.

#9: Sol Ring

Many, if not all, of our best-sellers every week can be explained by supply being ahead of demand, forcing prices downward and creating a more enticing buy for players. That's the case with the fresh Commander 2018 supply of Sol Rings; a new reprint makes for a cheaper Sol Ring.

#8: The Mirari Conjecture

Most recently, The Mirari Conjecture featured in the most successful Bant Nexus iteration of Pro Tour 25th Anniversary, but my instinct here is that players are planning to pair it with Ral, Izzet Viceroy and Firemind's Research heading into Guilds of Ravnica Standard.

#7: Spire of Industry

Another happy victim of a booming supply. Like Harsh Mentor, Spire of Industry's rotating out of Standard too, and is a no-brainer in decks like Affinity.

#6: Sentinel Totem

Two of Guilds of Ravnica's five mechanics use the graveyard, and if you don't think players aren't going to find a way to abuse the part of jump-start that discards a card, you are mistaken. It also just so happens to combo with our #1 seller.

#5: Clifftop Retreat

Boros is one of the color pairs featured in Guilds of Ravnica, so Clifftop Retreat sales are likely a result of folks' desire to get their beatdown on post-rotation.

#4: Bomat Courier

Bomat Courier came and went in Legacy like a fad. These days it's not super clear why anyone's buying up Bomat Courier, but it's certainly got raw power on its side.

#3: Irrigated Farmland

Did you know these lands are fetchable? It's true! They're also the kind of thing that could certainly get reprinted, so if you're a believer in that kind of thing and you're willing to put your money on it, now's a great time to buy.

#2: Kefnet the Mindful

The only non-Standard way I can see Kefnet getting enough play to justify its recent upward sales trend is Commander. It's probably pretty good there though!

#1: Fall of the Thran

This is a thing at the top tables of #MTGNationals

— Lucas Berthoud (@bertuuuu) September 8, 2018

See you next week.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced "ca-pora")