WAR twitter stories pt.1
Do not adjust your tv screens. Ob Nixilis's Cruelty is a common. Starting with War of the Spark we are making an effort to have more exciting cards at common. #WOTCstaff pic.twitter.com/plex2kwEVg

— Andrew Brown (@Murk_Lurker) April 2, 2019

Wizards seems to have stood by the promise they made in April—Modern Horizons is full of interesting new cards at common rarity. Here's ten cards that Budget MTG Decks is excited to play in Pauper.

#10: Answered Prayers

#9: Ephemerate

#8: Martyr's Soul

#7: Faerie Seer

#6: Defile

#5: Fists of Flame

#4: Orcish Hellraiser

#3: Shenanigans

#2: Mother Bear

#1: Weather the Storm

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