Congratulations, folks - we made it to the new year! Looks like some of you celebrated with Pokémon purchases...but which cards made up the top 10?

10. Charizard GX SM211

The way this dragon practically jumps off the page, this promo card art is hard to resist.

9. Rayquaza

An explosion of damage AND color. What's not to love?

8. Zacian

Plenty of players chose to armor up with this psychic powerhouse!

7. Jirachi

This cute little three-eyed 'mon is a great reminder that knowledge is power.

6. Celebi

Small but mighty, and it punishes the opposition for their collection of energy!

5. Crobat V

This card gets bonus points for sheer intimidation alone.

4. Dedenne GX 195a 214

There's always room in your collection for another gigantic zappy rodent, right?

3. Charizard V SWSH050

Simple yet effective.

2. Charizard

Pile on the damage with this pyromaniac Charizard!

1. Boss's Orders

Proof that messing with your opponent never really gets old!