Hello friends! I'm Ryan Gomez, and I just got back from the TCGplayer booth at Gen Con. We had an incredible time meeting with players face-to-face, and they really loved using TCGplayer Trade-In to get cash for their cards on the spot.

Here's a quick ten facts about the TCGplayer buylist at Gen Con. Let's dance!

Fact #1: We bought more copies of Lightning Bolt than any other card. It's no surprise really. The card has been in high demand for like twenty years, and sees play in Modern, Commander, Pauper, cubes and more, making it the perfect card to trade in for fast money.

Fact #2: Right on the heels of Lightning Bolt was Aether Hub. Huh! So even if you haven't been playing long or have a big collection, there are probably cards in your possession that stores would love to get their hands on. Which brings us to…

Fact #3: The TCGplayer App is a great way to see what all your cards are worth, quickly and easily. It's available right now on both Android and iOS, and we had tons of people hit our booth after using the app to evaluate their own collections. This is one you really want in your pocket so go get it, seriously.

Fact #4: Most of the cards traded in were from Kaladesh. That's weird to me. It's not about to rotate, but it's also not the newest set or being opened for drafts anymore. So it seems people just decided this was the sweet spot to get value out of this block.


Fact #5: Our average Trade-In offer was about 60 cards, and worth almost $200. That means you, dear listener, probably have a deck sized stack of cards that you aren't using and could easily convert that into a month's worth of taco dinners. Got a big appetite? Well strap in, because…

Fact #6: Our biggest single Buylist offer was over $4000. That's right. One person traded in enough cardboard for them to make a down payment on a new car—or buy one outright!

Fact #7: That huge $4000 trade-in included several foil Tarmogoyfs from Modern Masters 2013. They were beautiful. Tears were shed. Even if you have seen them in person, try imagining a stack of them on a table in the middle of the biggest gaming convention in the country and it becomes an entirely new experience.

Fact #8: We had about a dozen trade ins that were just one. Single. Card. People would stand in our line and patiently wait their turn to hand over just one card, often walking away with a big stack of bills.

Fact #9: With people trading in dozens or even hundreds of cards at once, our card scanning software—Quicklist—never missed a beat. They were able to quickly and accurately look up every card we could put in front of them. Tell your local gaming store to sign up for TCGplayer Pro, and they can access this incredible technology in their store too!

Fact #10: After four days, our total payout stood at over $115,000. That's cash we put into the hands of fellow gamers, allowing them to enjoy even more games at Gen Con. We were thrilled to be a part of the community for this giant event, and can't wait to go back and do it again.

Thanks for watching, we'll see you next time!