For Commander players looking to get their hands on some of the latest singles from Double Masters, here's a guide to the must-own artifact cards you should be collecting! I'm listing these in priority order to help you select the cards that will most enhance your Commander experience. 

#1: Mana Crypt

This is obviously number one, and as it's seeing a second printing this year (the other being Mystery Booster), odds are the prices will be more favorable than ever. Mana Crypt is the Sol Ring that went to college: it offers more, but at a high cost. Making turn-three plays on turn one has a lasting effect on the game. Being able to cast your Commander again through some pesky tax will set you back on the right track.

Mana acceleration is one of the basics every deck needs to play an efficient game of Commander, and Mana Crypt is at its heart. As always, the best time to pick up singles is a few weeks after a set release and the cards flood the market—do not sleep on this printing! Prior to it and Mystery Booster, Mana Crypt were steadily at ~$200. This is the most important upgrade to any list—you're going to want one.

#2: Chrome Mox

I tried to compile a list for you that's universally good—one with much-needed reprints of high value. Chrome Mox is one such card. Prior to this printing we had a Masterpiece "Invention" from Kaladesh, which remains pricey. Before that was a print run in Eternal Masters, back in 2016. Flash forward four years later and we have another staple reprinted in perfect timing! With Commander's rise in popularity, "fast mana" is the hot ticket item. That is, things in addition to lands that help you go mana positive when cast.

Chrome Mox is one of the more flexible Moxen still available for printing, and creates those game-defining early plays. It's not for every list, but it's certainly for most. Whether you pick up the showcase edition or the Volkan copy, this is a must-own for decks trying to play out their Commander or combo quickly.

#3: Sword of Feast and Famine

Generally regarded for its combo potential, Sword of Feast and Famine is an excellent form of ramp with lots of upside. As with every Sword we're granted protection, but in this instance from two of the most popular colors in Commander: black and green. Plus it combos with cards like Aggravated Assault, Najeela, the Blade-Blossom or Hellkite Charger. Nothing operates quite like this Equipment—mass land untapping is rare to find, and in an artifact that can slot into any list? Definitely happy seeing the reprint here, as all the Swords have risen in price. If you're looking for a copy, now is a great time to pick up this Sword, and…

#4: Sword of Fire and Ice

Easily the best "value" Sword being crafted. Sword of Fire and Ice is a boon in lists lacking decent card draw—looking at you, Boros. Not only does it protect your creatures from being turned into a Monkey or Frog Lizard, or eating damage from a Lightning Bolt or Fire Covenant—on damage you get to wheel and deal. Well, "draw" and deal. A stray 2 damage is a lot in Commander, hitting everything from Tymna to Tinybones, as well as hatebears and valuebears like Ethersworn Canonist and Dark Confidant (also reprinted!). After damage is done, you have one less threat and a new card in hand. Any and every list can use a little more card draw, and this is a great way to get it.

#5: Trinisphere

I mentioned how I wanted to make this list "universally good," but… There's something to be said about a card that makes things "universally bad." Trinisphere is one of the most hated Stax pieces for a reason: it stops progress. Your fast mana isn't so fast anymore. Your alternative cost spells—e.g. Force of Will (also reprinted!)—are always 3 converted mana cost. You scratching your head at the same table as this card? "Three mana please." There's no escaping the effectiveness of this card. It puts a stop to any storm strategy and levels lists relying on 1-to-2 CMC interaction. Trinisphere is the great equalizer, and if your list depends on strategies that employ cards 3 CMC or greater, you'll always come out on top. This card is the least likely to make it into every list, but if you're a Stax player, you will want one.

I have two boxes of Double Masters on order that I'm raring to draft with. After playing the set with a friend, grid drafting through every pack, I can tell you this has been one of the best draft experiences I've had in a long time. Though I'm a little biased as I love artifacts. We haven't had a set so chock-full of valuable artifacts in a long time. Especially one with artifacts that are essential to both new and old Commander players. These are the five artifact cards to own from Double Masters, and I hope you crack a few while playing with friends as well.