The 2020 tins have arrived, bringing enough reprints to change the financial landscape of Yu-Gi-Oh. (At least until Rage of Ra releases on September 25.) Now that so many Extra Deck staples are cheap enough to buy without requiring you to pawn your kidneys, it's the perfect time to pick up a new deck; especially one that's ban-proof and budget-friendly while you wait for the inevitable Forbidden List update!

In this week's video, Leon's got the looks on five decks that can take you to the top of your remote locals without breaking the bank. If you want to play something fresh, or maybe want to pick up another competitive deck to coerce your friends into playing, then check out the video below!

Altergeist Multifaker are already starting to make a comeback with Dogmatika, and Rokkets have become significantly cheaper now that Borreload Savage Dragon has been reprinted, along with Starliege Seyfert, Striker Dragon and more.  As long as you're not looking to play Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, right now's a surprisingly good time to get into Yu-Gi-Oh or introduce the game to your friends. So pick up a new deck, grab some sleeves and get your game on! (From a socially-responsible distance, of course.)