If there's one thing every Commander deck needs—above ramp, removal, or even tutoring—it's card draw. If you've ever wondered what helped your opponent turn the tide during a game, ask yourself, "How much did her Tymna the Weaver actually draw?" That answer usually comes out to "quite a lot."

No matter what legendary is in the command zone, your list needs repeatable draw engines to give you the solutions you need from turn to turn. Here are five such engines that are suitable for lists of any color.

#5: Smuggler's Copter

It was banned from Standard and is still banned from Pioneer, so it must be good. Does it make the cut in Commander though? Yes, actually, the looter scooter definitely does.

Although don't net additional cards with this vehicle, you can fuel your graveyard for a reanimation play or Underworld Breach. It does exactly what its nickname suggests: it loots. The real value here is that for 2 mana value and a crew cost of 1, pretty much any creature you control will be able to pilot this contraption and smack someone for 3. Plus, if your opponent forgets it can also block and while doing its thing, you can manipulate the scooter to draw even when it's not your turn. Just crack a fetch land and grab Dwarven Mine!

To top it all off, you are Lightning Bolt one opponent every turn this remains in play. For any list with a creature (that's literally the bar) Smuggler's Copter is a solid draw engine.

#4: Sensei's Divining Top

Now I know what you're thinking. "This isn't a draw engine." Oh, but that's where you're wrong.

It won't help you go card positive (it can only ever replace itself), but it will provide you card quality that no other singular card can. The repeatable top effect (no pun intended) of mulling over the top three cards of your library is essentially a Ponder every turn.

Mind you, there's no option to "shuffle your library" provided you don't like the cards, but any tutor provides a free shuffle for your deck! So crack that Arid Mesa if you don't like what you saw and use that Sacred Foundry to look at the new pile you've just formed. This can be handled off turn to help you find solutions in a pinch, and provided you have a top deck tutor—Sylvan Tutor, Enlightened Tutor, or best of all Vampiric Tutor—you can "draw" that card at any time. As targets for the aforementioned tutors, why not try Hullbreacher, Underworld Breach, or Ad Nauseam

I really sound like I play cEDH, but trust me that from casual to competitive Commander, it doesn't get better than the teacher's top.

#3: Mask of Memory

To make this card work, you also need (a) a creature, that (b) is able to attack, and (c) deal damage. The good news is, you're playing Commander, so you've probably got that covered already! Unless you're playing a planeswalker commander like Estrid, the Masked, or a defender commander like Pramikon, Sky Rampart, you've got a potential attacker in the command zone. Congratulations! You're up a card every turn from now on!

The caveat with Mask of Memory draw is that you do need to discard something from your hand. Much like Smuggler's Copter, you are "looting" with this engine as well, so all the same benefits apply. However, with Mask you see an additional card. This is a great addition to lists that feature a large quantity of creatures, anywhere in the region of 16+, as you want to attach this to non-priority creatures your opponents will ignore. You're not going to want to attach this to a creature your opponents are all looking to remove, so keep that in mind. Even still, if you're just slapping this on an Elvish Mystic to get some draw in, that's a good way to make use of that mana dork once your hand runs out.

#2: War Room

Oh? You thought they'd all be artifacts, huh? Well, Commander Legends dropped this sweet gift into our laps.

War Room has its downsides: three mana to activate and life loss can make this a difficult sell, but for those mono-to-dual colored decks this is essential. If you go into the triple-to-five color territory you're looking at far too much life loss and a card that will only tap for generic when not providing draw value. However, this land is a staple because it offers repeatable value at instant speed provided you have three mana to rub together. Did you hold up mana to cast Fire Covenant? Excellent, put that mana toward drawing a card instead. This works well in tandem with top-deck tutors—much like Sensei's Divining Top—and falls under the best-protected category of permanents.

It being a land is important because land destruction is uncommon in Commander outside of cutthroat groups. You will see the occasional Strip Mine, but even so, War Room is an excellent utility card for getting draw in decks that need it.

#1: Tome of Legends

This is a card I slam into almost too many lists. It's made specifically for our format.

When it comes into play? Page counter. Cast a commander? Page counter. Attacking with that commander? Go and have yourself another page counter. The only thing that doesn't give this counters is tapping it, 'cause when you do you draw a card!

One mana is a paltry price to draw a card on any player's turn, and You don't need an aggro-centric commander to load up on counters. Provided your commander is able to attack, you keep adding to your own legend, one page at a time. This is by far the most heavily slept on draw engine for commander, and after playing it in far too many decks, I can assure you it works wonders.

* * *

Don't neglect the most important element of Commander. You're dealing with three opponents, so of course your hand will empty out quickly! Whether your deck's strategy is proactive, reactive, or controlling, you'll need resources to keep your foes at bay and push your own game plan forward. Drawing is and will always be the answer.

What are your favorite draw engines? Be sure to visit The 99 where I offer further tips and tricks to getting your commander to perform at its best! Be well and happy brewing, babies.