In Kaldheim we see the return of things Magic players thought lost to time: Tibalt, snow mana, and Phyrexians (oh my). With new sets come new possibilities for decks in Standard and Historic… but we don't care about that! Let's talk Commander!

With the release of Kaldheim we've got 285 new cards and 33 new legendaries to lead your decks. But out of all these possibilities, what are the top five cards to come from Kaldheim that are universally good in such a diverse format?

#5: Goldpsan Dragon

I may be a bit biased, but I love this card. Treasure seems to be a rising theme in Commander, and Goldspan Dragon is a great addition to decks that run Negan, the Cold-Blooded and Revel in Riches.

However, the reason this creature is at the #5 spot is due to the fact that it makes all your treasures add two mana to your mana pool rather than one. Ramp in red is difficult to achieve consistently, but throw in some artifacts and treasure support and suddenly red becomes a bit deadlier. Imagine playing Brass's Bounty to set up the biggest Comet Storm you've ever seen. 

#4: Maskwood Nexus

Tribal decks are such a blast to play, but support for certain tribes can make deckbuilding a bit difficult. What if I told you that Syr Konrad, the Grim could be a Demon so that you can win off of Liliana's Contract? Well with Maskwood Nexus, all of your creatures are every creature type!

So many tribal payoffs do wonders with this card. Myr Turbine can tutor any creature in your deck onto the battlefield. Atarka, World Render can give all your attacking creatures double strike. Elvish Archdruid and Krenko, Mob Boss can put aside their differences and swarm the board in perfect harmony. It's beautiful!

This artifact will greatly impact regular tribal decks as well as more unconventional tribes, making it perfect for our #4 spot.

#3: Doomskar

Every set has a star board wipe, and Kaldheim's is Doomskar. At first glance it seems like an ordinary board wipe. However, the reason Doomskar sits at this spot is because of its foretell ability. Being able to float this spell as a future threat introduces a new level of politics to a game of Commander. "If you cast your commander, I'm just gonna have to wipe the board."

Casting a board wipe for three mana feels infinitely sweeter than its original converted mana cost. Plus, you can always bluff that the Doomskar you foretold is actually the next card on this list...

#2: Mystic Reflection

Mystic Reflection is definitely not faint for the heart. This is the ultimate "You get nothing nice" card in Commander. Whether you foretell it as a threat or sneak it in as a fatal blow, Mystic Reflection can turn your opponents' major threats into, say, one of your Drake tokens. Demoting someone's Craterhoof Behemoth or Hullbreacher into something small and powerless is the saltiest of plays to make.

But the fun doesn't end there. If you have token generators, you can use Mystic Reflection to copy your opponent's best creature. Aether Mutation, Stolen by the Fae, Conqueror's Pledge, and many other cards drop oodles of tokens into play, all of which can be copies of Eternal Witness or Mulldrifter.

Or, you could just respond to the enters-the-battlefield trigger of your own Deep Forest Hermit. How do you feel about five Hermits and 16 6/6 Squirrel tokens?

For all these reasons and more, Mystic Reflection earns its spot as the #2 on our list.

#1: In Search of Greatness

Isn't it fitting that a green card makes our #1 spot? All memes aside, In Search of Greatness is definitely a strong addition for any green deck. Whether you're playing a lands deck or making big stompy creatures, this low-cost enchantment allows you to cast spells for free from your hand. If the highest-cost creature you control costs five mana, then you can cast a permanent from your hand that costs six. Who needs ramp?!

To get the most value out of ISoG, you'll want to make sure you have a permanent of the right cost every upkeep. A solid mana curve will help, but you can also run cards to sculpt your hand, like Sylvan Library and Lifecrafter's Bestiary.

Kaldheim holds so many powerful pieces worthy of note, but these are definitely my favorites! Snag these while you can and have fun brewing, deckbuilders!