Abra...Kadabra...Alakazam! Mystical and magical, this Psychic type has been intriguing players since Generation 1. (Am I the only person weirded out by the spoons?) 

Alakazam's IQ may be in the thousands (over 5,000, to be exact), but what about PTCG card values? Read on...

#5 Alakazam (Skyridge)

This Alakazam is only a Rare, but the Skyridge set was printed in lesser quantities than other sets. It's worth holding onto, as rarity will only increase, but tricky to track down.

#4 Alakazam E4 Lv.X

2009 gave us the 40th expansion of the Pokémon TCG, titled Platinum: Rising Rivals. Don't let that E4 in the title confuse you — it just means that this Ultra Rare Holofoil belongs to an Elite Four (E4) trainer. (It's Lucian, in case you're curious.)

#3 Alakazam (1) (Expedition)

Expedition, released in 2002, marked the first main expansion of cards from the e-Card Series. The then-updated card design, combined with its Holo Rare status, make this card a must-have.

#2 Alakazam (Base Set, Shadowless)

This Holo Rare also happens to be a Base Set Shadowless card, which lacks a drop shadow behind the card art window. It's pretty old for a Pokémon card, harder to find, and overall, worth some serious cash.

#1 Alakazam Star (Crystal Guardians)

Our top Alakazam came to us in 2006 via Crystal Guardians. The set is so beloved for its gorgeous artwork (featuring — you guessed it — crystals) that many collectors aim to literally catch them all. Alakazam Star is a pretty face AND pretty hard to find.

And there you have it! Which Top 5 Alakazam is the most mind-blowing to you?