Could Celebi be a Time Lord or a unicorn? Maybe both? It travels through time, and nature thrives wherever it appears. This loving Pokémon's so perfect, it doesn't even need to evolve!

Why don't we take a moment to admire the five most valuable shinies:

#5 Neo Revelation Celebi (3)

"Can't knock me out. I'll just rewind time!"

#4 Non Holo Celebi ex

Willing to sit on the bench to let an old buddy play? What a team player!

#3 Celebi Star

This Celebi really knows how to throw some Shade!

#2 Shining Celebi

It is worshipped as a god of the forest. It appears only in undisturbed old-growth forests. Based on a kodama (Shintō tree spirit), this makes sense!

#1 Skyridge Celebi

Pick a color! (Almost) any color! Now heal your buddies.