What's better than a big, buff, two-fisted punching machine? That's right — a big, buff, FOUR-fisted punching machine! Enter Machamp. This humanoid martial arts aficionado, which evolves from Machoke, is said to throw a whopping 500 punches per second. Such a prizewinning Pokémon is surely worth a hefty sum.

Without further ado, here are the top 5:

#5 Giovanni's Machamp

Gym Challenge, released in 2000, was a 132 card set based on the 4 Pokémon Gym leaders: Blaine, Sabrina, Koga, and Giovanni. Giovanni's Machamp represents one of the Holo cards in the set.

#4 Machamp (Base Set - 1st Edition Shadowless)

Keyword-wise, Pokémon finance doesn't get much better than this Holo Rare Machamp. "Base Set", "1st Edition", and "Shadowless" all make for an extremely rare card, the likes of which hasn't been released since 1999!

#3 Machamp (H16)

E-reader cards like this Holo Rare made their appearance on the PTCG scene in 2002, with the arrival of Expedition. This departure from the typical card layout is now prized by most collectors.

#2 Machamp (XY Evolutions Prerelease)

This colorful Machamp promo card was included in the prerelease kits given to tournament participants in 2016 — just check out the distinctive "Evolutions" logo on the bottom right side of the card window.

#1 Machamp (H15)

What makes this Machamp worthy of first place? Simple: Skyridge, an e-Card set that makes almost every Top 5 list I write. When the Pokémon craze waned, smaller print runs of new sets led to a limited supply of Machamp (H15) for collectors to hunt down.