Today we're taking a look at Rayquaza, a rare and reclusive Dragon/Flying Legendary Pokémon that...doesn't evolve? 

Okay, technically Rayquaza can Mega Evolve under some very specific circumstances...but all that does is result in a (you guessed it) Mega Rayquaza. Clearly, this meteor-eating 'mon is comfortable in its own skin. I can respect that.

Which 5 versions of this deck leader are the most highly prized?

#5 Rayquaza GX (Secret)

This Secret Rare is a relative newcomer to the PTCG scene, arguably the best card from 2018's Celestial Storm set, and a true showstopper. Rainbow, shiny, and worth some serious coin — what more could you want?

#4 Rayquaza (Dragons Exalted)

Dragons Exalted marked the first ever appearance of the Dragon type in the Pokémon TCG. This edgy, black-armored Rayquaza packs a serious punch.

#3 Rayquaza (Shiny)

This Shiny Rare Holofoil card is a true collector's piece, with Legendary status to boot.  The artwork displays our 'mon hurtling through the air like a missile across an intense rainbow background.

#2 Rayquaza VMAX (Alternate Art Secret)

Another Secret Rayquaza, this time from the brand new Evolving Skies set release. Its imagery features a gigantic Rayquaza towering over lush green forests, and extends all the way to the edges of the card, making it both a worthy investment and a true work of art.

#1 Rayquaza Star

We're rounding out our Rayquaza list with a dark Star that's worth the big bucks. That little gold foil star next to its name allows this Ultra Rare to be sold for well into the hundreds of dollars!