It's wedding season on Innistrad, and the wedding gifts are absolutely insane this year. I heard that one of Olivia's guests bought her and Edgar a handful of the finest precons from this set! I mean, yeah sure, there are only two precons but they are pretty spiffy if I do say so myself.

New precons are always a joy because new precons means new cards for Commander. Today I'm diving into Olivia's wedding registry to see what new cards really tickle my fancy. Be careful, though, let me know if you see her. You don't wanna know what she does to wedding crashers.

#5: Olivia's Wrath

What'd I just say?

Tribal boardwipes are always impressive, but wow... did Vampires really need this strength? Olivia's Wrath is a nasty piece of removal that gives non-Vampire creatures -X/-X until end of turn where X is the number of Vampires you control. Imagine seeing this slotted in Edgar Markov, a bad boy commander that doesn't need to even enter the battlefield to create a plethora of Vampire tokens.

In the right list, even Eldrazi can be no match for Olivia's Wrath. Man, what a Bridezilla.

#4: Imposing Grandeur

Let's talk card draw, baby! It's the life blood of Commander after all.

The precons this time around include some interesting takes on card draw, one such take being Imposing Grandeur. This card is a fun little wheel that allows each player to draw cards equal to the mana value of a commander they own, after discarding their hand of course. What I like about this card is that it's global, meaning that your opponents draw as well! If you run a six-drop commander, then you draw six cards. If your opponent has a two-drop commander, they draw two!

This card being a "may" trigger also means that your opponents can refuse to draw cards if they so desire, so there is a lot of wiggle room. Whether you care if your opponents draw is completely up to you, however, paying five mana to possibly draw six, seven, or even eight cards is definitely a steal in my book!

#3: Disorder in the Court

Flickering cards is always an interesting strategy to implement. Whether you're playing Brago, King Eternal or Ephara, God of the Polis, Azorius has a vast supply of commanders that allow you to slot our #3 piece: Disorder in the Court. This card is absolutely bonkers, allowing you to flicker creatures and create Clue tokens equal to how much mana you dump into its X cost.

One of this spell's main uses is to trigger multiple "enters the battlefield" effects and help facilitate card draw. However, another major option is to dodge destruction! If your opponent casts some removal, fret not! Simply cast Disorder in the Court and watch as your creatures narrowly escape death, gaining some neat tokens in the process! Definitely a two birds, one stone situation.

#2: Predators' Hour

Casting other players' cards is one of the funniest things you can do in a game of Commander. It adds an extra dash of salt to the game… in a completely fair way, of course. This precon's dash of salt comes in the form of Predators' Hour, a fun addition that gives your creatures menace and allows you to exile the top card of a player's library and play it until end of turn if your creatures deal combat damage.

Multiple hits with your creatures means multiple exiles, and tons of cards to play that aren't yours. Smothering Tithe? It's yours! Sol Ring? Don't mind if I do! Literally any of the Eldrazi? Sure, I could go for some calamari. With Predators' Hour in your decklist, you're able to play almost anything!

#1: Wedding Ring

Did I surprise you? I know, this is all so sudden, but I really think Wedding Ring could be the one. The #1.

This card is going to be an excellent slot into almost any white deck because it provides a consistent source of card draw… card draw by proxy, if you will. Simply become "betrothed" to the player that is drawing the most cards so that you may do so as well.

I find this piece to be a fun way to help white out in some of its weaker areas. Your opponent gaining too much life? That's your life now. What about cards? Those are now your cards too! If they don't like it, they should have signed a prenup.