Each Friday, Jon is going to recap the top five most-read TCGplayer articles of the week, as well as the ten most-viewed decks. If you want to see what people are looking at so you'll have a better idea of what you might play against this weekend, this column is the place to find out.

Top 5 Articles: June 11 - 18

#5: Combo Decks are Dominating Modern, by Seth Manfield

Half the decks that made up the top 8 of Grand Prix Charlotte were pure combo decks, so Seth lays out all their interactions and lines of play.

From the usual suspects in Splinter Twin and Ad Nauseum to the newcomers in Abzan Collected Company, Elves, and Breach Reanimator, Seth goes over strengths, weaknesses, and potential changes to each deck.

#4: Modern Tech, by Conley Woods

In a format as deep as Modern, it's a given that overpowered cards are just going to go overlooked. There are too many great options in the card pool to be able to mentally retain all the best options.

Enter noted brew enthusiast Conley Woods.

His penchant for the rogue life yields some great results in this article, including a modern deck sporting the unlikely trio of Ash Zealot, Ghostly Prison, and Akroma, Angel of Fury.

#3: The Rise of G/R Devotion and How to Beat It, by Craig Wescoe

G/R Devotion has been steadily gaining clout in Standard, culminating in a win at the TCGplayer Invitation at the hands of Chris Fennell. Craig lays out the deck's gameplan, and how to exploit and attack it with a number of decks. If you're headed to Grand Prix: Providence this weekend, this one is a must-read.

#2: Video Deck Tech - Naya Dragons, by Frank Lepore

While the TCGplayer Invitational raged on in Las Vegas, resident #mtgdad and half of the Freshly Brewed podcast, Ali Aintrazi took down the SCG Invitational with the help of an innovative Naya Dragons deck in Standard. Frank, the other half of Freshly Brewed, takes the deck for a spin in a Magic Online Daily Event. SPOILER ALERT: The deck is great.

#1: Modern Monday - Zur Aggro, by Frank Lepore

I have some vague memories of Coldsnap from when it first came out. I remember winning both drafts I played in, one with a sextuple-Disciple of Tevesh Szat deck, and another deck that just bashed face with a bunch of Aurochs. Most of all, I remember how most of my Standard decks from that era started with four copies of Scrying Sheets in them.

Frank takes a trip down memory lane in this Modern Monday with an Esper aggro deck rocking Zur, the Enchanter. For Coldsnap's sake, the deck's also got a copy of Flashfreeze in the sideboard.

Top 10 Decks: June 11-18

#10 Breach Reanimator, by Zach Jesse
Format: Modern - DTK

Turn one: Exile Simian Spirit Guide, cast Faithless Looting, discard two Griselbrands. Exile another Simian Spirit Guide, play Swamp, cast Goryo's Vengeance targeting Griselbrand. Attack with Griselbrand, gain seven life. Active Griselbrand twice, draw 14 cards. Seems good.

#9. Naya Aggro, by Brian West
Format: Modern - DTK

A hyper-aggressive Zoo deck. Zurgo Bellstriker makes an appearance in Modern, finally!

#8. RG 'Tron, by Clair Bigelow
Format: Modern - DTK

The same old R/g ‘Tron deck that’s been around for years, splashing for a spicy Slaughter Games package out of the sideboard.

#7. Naya Dragons, by Ali Aintrazi
Format: Standard - DTK

This SCG Invitational-winning deck goes straight after every dragonmaster's heart. With haste.

#6. Esper Control, by Michael Hamilton
Format: Standard - DTK

Another entry in the Best Deck in Standard conversation. This list in particular has an interesting sideboard card: Pharika's Cure.

#5. Grixis Delver, by Cory Teran
Format: Modern - DTK

Slide under your opponents with cheap threats and keep them on the back foot the whole game. It's what Delver of Secrets has been doing since it was printed.

#4. Abzan Control, by Adam Pannel
Format: Standard - DTK

The latest iteration of The Rock, and a contender for Best Deck in Standard.

#3. Mardu Aggro, by Jeff Hoogland
Format: Standard - DTK

A fresh take on an old archetype, eschewing dragons in favor of velocity.

#2. Lantern Control, by Zac Elsik
Format: Modern - DTK

The darling of Grand Prix: Charlotte, this mill deck is in no hurry to mill you out, sitting comfortably behind Ensnaring Bridge and milling you slowly with various 15th-pick artifacts.

#1. Elves, by Michael Malone
Format: Modern - DTK

A modern [pun grade: B-. -ed.] take on an old classic, powered up by the new Dragons of Tarkir card Collected Company.